The future of Billy Volek

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by fitantitans, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. His trade value would be high. Trade him.

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  2. Re-sign him as the 2007 starter.

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  3. Re-sign him as the 2007 backup to Young.

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  4. None of those, I would..................

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  1. fitantitans

    fitantitans This space For Rent

    IF.......Volek manages to get the Titans into the palyoffs in 2006, what would you do with him in 2007?
    Billy knows this is his make-or-break year. His future is riding on 2006.
    If Billy can take the Titans to the playoffs in 2006, would you pull him in 2007 to start unproven QB?
  2. That seems unlikely to me, but I'd see what kind of trade value he has if they think Vince is ready in that scenario.
  3. arcticboy

    arcticboy Guest

    Is he not under contract until after the 2007 season? or is it this year?
  4. i would have him as a backup, and have my boy vince get out their and do his thing
  5. Titans2004

    Titans2004 Pro Bowler

    If he gets us to the playoffs then that means that VY didn't get much playing time. Since he is under contract through the 2007 season, I would keep him unless someone was willing to give up a 2nd rnd pick for him.
  6. Bulluckfan

    Bulluckfan Camp Fodder

    I'd trade him, while we can. It would be a Brees/Rivers situation. San Diego is gutsy for what they did on one level, but on another, they had little choice. In their case, Rivers was on the bench longer though. Still, this staff will almost certainly be playing Young at some point in 07, perhaps in week one. As such, I'd trade Volek, even if he (especially if) he played well.
  7. Slackmaster

    Slackmaster Starter

    Pause to consider, his contract has a "no trade" clause, doesn't it?

    So that means it is only a trade subject to his approval, or cut him, or let his contract ride.

    We don't know what will happen with players and injuries, so it is premature to speculate.
  8. EZpickin

    EZpickin Camp Fodder

    If he 's winning I keep him in, Young is only going to get better the longer he sits and learns, watches, gets to know this offense inside and out and the game starts to slow down to him when being played at this level, If Billy takes us there which I believe he can, will it happen? we dont know yet, I'd love that to be the case as I know we all would, If he's winning and playing well, I keep & Start him, let VY continue to learn...
  9. EZpickin

    EZpickin Camp Fodder

    but do not get me wrong, I cant wait for #10 TO LEAD The titans out of that tunnel as the starter-
  10. Michi40

    Michi40 Lost bullet

    Yep,bring him back, but in mid season 2007 hand Vince the job, Trade Voleck after..
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