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    You guys know about this? I'd assume the older fans do, and I knew about the "Foolish Club", but I never really thought about it much til today when one of those Texan fans said it sucked that the team I love is owned by Bud Adams.

    For those who don't know, The Foolish Club was a nickname the 8 original owners of the AFL gave themselves for taking on the NFL.

    As you all know the AFL and NFL merged to become the league we know today, but I couldn't help but think back to that nick name - The Foolish Club.

    There's only 2 owners remaining from that time, Bud Adams and Ralph Wilson, and look who they own, the Titans and Bills.

    It's kind of saddening to me today that even in 1959 Bud Adams was considered a fool, but still owns our team in 2013.

    Wilson is in the same spot, his Bills suck today.

    Should these 2 old guys be forced out?

    No one is happy with Adams for sticking with Munchak, and even this past summer fans were upset for him "melding" in the Manning sweepstakes.

    I love Adams for bringing the Titans to TN, but even that was because of him being stubborn/foolish.

    Are the Titans better off without him?
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    They can't be forced out. They own the teams. Lol

    'Til death do us part.
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    Only one person can force him out and that's the angel of death. With that being said, "Angel of Death, Step yo game up!"
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    What you wish on another can come back on you. What we think, we manifest, and what we manifest affects us as well as the other person. Beware
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    Actually, Bud was part of the original 2. He and Lamar Hunt started the AFL in Hunt's basement. Bud wit his team in Houston and Hunt had the Dallas Texans. A year later the NFL awarded Tex Schram an expantion team for Dallas which became the Dallas Cowboy. Hunt then moved his team to KC and they became the Cheifs. Odd that both original teams have moved. Incidently, one of them was called the "Titans" at first. The New York Titans later became the New York Jets.
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  6. Tennessy XO



    "Bud only made a couple of mistakes!"

    "He gave our city a team!"

    "I can't believe... blah blah you want someone to die!"

    "Get some class! Wishing someone to die!?! WTF?"

    "Your forum post might somehow cause his death! What if you secretly have powers where your opinions accidentally alter the world outside of the forum and a man dies!"
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    This thread title is misleading. I thought it was about the smash hit movie "Foolish" with Eddie Griffin.
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    blah,blah, blah Confucious. its a joke, sheesh!
    quote="amy, post: 965338, member: 9657"]What you wish on another can come back on you. What we think, we manifest, and what we manifest affects us as well as the other person. Beware
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    First off, Bud has earned this. I make fun of the guy as much as anyone but he has earned this. The guy is a true original. A builder in the NFL. The AFL led to the Super Bowl. And, you said it best when you said without Bud there would be no Titans in Nashville.

    We find ourselves wanting with Bud but we could do a heck of a lot worse. Would you rather have an owner like:
    1. Ralph Wilson -- who does not care (At least Bud wants to win)
    2. Dan Snyder --who treats the team like his personal fantasy team and keep screwing it up
    3. Jerry Jones -- meglomaniac who wants to win but wants to be the reason they win. Dude ran off Jimmy Johnson because Johnson was more popular than he was
    4. Henry Clay Ford Jr. -- Who hired moron Matt Millen, let Millin destroy his team for years before doing anything about it
    5. Art Modell -- who moved his team to Baltimore so he could make more money then still needed other NFL owners to bail him out
    6. Stephen Ross -- Who has driven the team into the ground and brought in minority owners like Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Venus and Serena Williams, Jimmy Buffett, J Lo and Marc Anthony
    7. Eddie DeBartolo -- who was convicted of Fraud which nearlly caused the team to fold
    8. Bill Bidwell -- Who has turned the oldest team in the NFL into the armpit of the NFL. Dude is so cheap he makes ol' Ralph Wilson look like a big spender.
    9. Mike Brown -- Who seems to be in constant competition with Bill Bidwell in a contest to see who is cheaper. Also his team is the only one in the NFL that pays absolutely no attention to player charactor. Even after being burnt time and time again Cincinatti continues to load up its roster with criminals and head cases.
    10. Woody Johnson -- who traded for Tim Tebow and has not fired Rex Ryan

    And, at least Bud is good for a laugh now and then. How many other owners would have the guts to do this

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  10. GoT

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    that list is scary

    BA might have had ownership issues in Houston. Certainly he had legitmitate arguments reguarding his lease at the Astrodome. But BA has been an overall very good owner in Nashville - IMO
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