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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Feltish, Aug 17, 2006.

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    BAMARON Camp Fodder

    Mac said he wasn't really leaving. He was just goin' on vacation. Maybe he should take Forrest Gump's Mom's defination of Vacation..." Vacation is when you leave...and you never come back"

    Lets see...6-10 last year. Got their butts kicked by a team that was 4-12...Now got a broken down, has been, at QB, who won't survive the season intact...SUPERBOWL...I don't see it.

    But If that works...Maybe we could get John Elway, or Dan Marino to lead us the the Superbowl...I think their both still available this year.
  2. twoseven

    twoseven Camp Fodder

    I never have been a McNair fan anyway and this story proves why. Im so sick of hearing about how he led us to a superbowl when it was in fact #27 who led the team in those haydays. McNair was all about himself then and still is now. He never did the extra things with the team that a Q.B. needs to do, especially a young team. To me he was just a boat anchor holding us back. We will be better off without him. I do understand he has made some good plays for us every now and then but overall his years in Nashville werent that good and the only true leader we ever had was EG. I just hope we remember all of this when the ratbirds come to town and Bulluck plasters him to the ground. We all need to booooo him when he steps on to " our " field, but anyway this is just my opinion after the comments he has been making lately. The USATODAY comments were just a few. He is on the NFL Network all the time spouting off the same crap. I also have huge doubts on how close he and Vince really are. Sounds to me like if he was that close to Vince he would be a little more selective with his words.
  3. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

  4. Bulluckfan

    Bulluckfan Camp Fodder

    Calm down, guys. McNair was one of the best players this franchise ever had. I'm glad he's doing well. I wish he'd quit making snipes at us, but he's probably just bitter about how things went down. He'll get over and remember he's a Titan, and then we should welcome him back (*starts singing*) wiiiittthhhh oooopen aaaarms!
  5. Banshee2

    Banshee2 Guest

    He's not making snipes at "us". His irritation is for the FO. The team in and of itself, coaches and fans included, is not what he's making comments about. At any rate, most of us were in agreeance that locking him out of the workouts was a bad way to do business...

    What was he supposed to do? Stay in it for the "kids" (us)?

    I hope he has a great every game BUT the Nov visit to LP.
  6. ZELL22

    ZELL22 Starter

    I hate Hypocrites!!!!!!!!

    That's F-ed up, Please don't be a hypocrite, I know when he was co-mvp of the league, that season you had your tail in the front of the TV, watching the Titans every weekend, cheering at every TD Mac9 threw, and being pissed off with him at every interception as well, just like every other Titans fan. And when he was named Co-MVP, you probably had a dinner at your house in honor of the occassion. Just because he's a, little pissed, is no reason to come at him like that. And everyone who agree's with this person, consider yourself a Hypocrite as well.

    I for one, I am happy that he still can play the game, how long, time will tell, but I hope he has success. Real fans hate to see the great playes of the franchise leave.
  7. ZELL22

    ZELL22 Starter

    Did you even watch the Titans when they were going to the playoffs?, are you a real fan? A good play every now and then? Come' on B, Eddie was the man and the main reason offensively we went to the Superbowl (the defense was hella good back then is the main reason), no doubt (they treated him a little rough too at the end), but Steve Mac Became the man.

    Selective with his words?? Let's see, Imagine, you are entrenched at your job as one of the main people who, when they see you, they think of your company, the two of you are entrenched. You are on a vacation, thinking that you're going to come back and renegotiate your salary, since they(your CEO's) promised you a bonus at the end of your sixth year (which, btw, they had no intention of ever giving you), you show up to work, and they send out someone from the mail room to tell you to go home and work from there until they make a decison about whether or not you'll be willing to work for significantly less money than, 1. you deserve, and 2. they promised, and if you don't accept it then, well, C YA.

    I don't know about you but I think I would have snapped, cursed, yelled, etc.... During the whole off season he kept his mouth SHUT. So, why after being disrespected by the owners of the house, and staying silenced for so long, should he have to be selective about his comments?? He didn't call out any of his teammates, nor did he put anyone on blast. In the eyes of a real Titans FAN, He'll always be a SuperBowl Titan, MVP Titan, one of the best QB's in franchise history.

    PS, it's hard to not like a star of a team, and be a fan of that team, so hmmm, ponder that thought....HYPOCRITE'S
  8. skitch

    skitch Shut Up and Play Ball!

    What I hate:
    - People who think they know how other people think, do, or act.
    - People who blanket everyone with a title because they agree or disagree with someone.
    - People who think their own definition of a "real fan" is the only correct one.
    - People who assume too much.
    (When you assume, you make an *** of U and ME.)

    He was a Titan. He was great. Most cheered him, some did not. He is not a Titan anymore. Worst of all he is a Raven. You can be a "real fan" for McNair when he comes here to play AGAINST us. I will be a "real fan" for the TITANS that day, as always.

    You know what....KMBSM!:ha:
  9. twoseven

    twoseven Camp Fodder

    First of all, I never did like him to start with so that keeps me out of your hypocrite column. As far as the team treating him so bad as you say after paying him about 60 million dollars over several years, Sorry pal i have no pitty for him. He knew before he showed up at the complex that he would be turned away, His agent had him go there anyway just to get some media pub. He and his agent also knew last season that the titans werent going to pony up that kind of cash to keep him especially with our cap situation. This was all planned out by the agent. McNair was a boat anchor of this team and it will show over time. Did you ever hear of #9 staying after practice with recievers, going out west with them to get their timing down during the offseason ? sitting on the sideline during a game studying ? Heck he didnt even practice with the team half the time, So save your #9 MVP speech for someone else. 1 good year out of 12 or how ever many he has started doesnt impress me . Yea the best in franchise history, but thats not saying much. But if he is your all time team MVP thats great, just dont rip me because he's not mine.
  10. mdfan

    mdfan Starter

    I saw an interview with basketball star Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards. In it he said, he didn't want to be making so much money that his team couldn't afford other good players. Costing us 23.46 million towards the salary cap, Steve was at that point. Steve has the right to be upset with the way it was handled

    He's costing our team 14.4 million towards our salary cap this year and doing nothing for us. All Titans fans have the right to say KMBSM
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