The end of the 1st down run for 0 yards

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    If I could have one wish for Christmas it be for next years Titans to do anything other than hand the ball off on first down for no yardage. I have never seen another team in the league do this week after week. We hand the ball off every first down and get 0 yards. I used to think its impossible to not get at least one yard on first down but the Titans prove it every week. Even at the beginning of the game we get 0 yards on first down. The line cannot block anyone, when our guards pull they don't get there in time, or miss the block. Womack plain out sucks and it to fat and slow to move more than 1 foot from the line. Fine Roos....we needed a play today and he moves early for a penalty, we need a third down here comes a hold, rinse and repeat. This offense has got to be the worst in football.
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    We'd be better off just throwing a screen pass to Wright or a bomb to Hunter every first down. What's the worst that could happen?
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    We should just start every possession 2nd and 9...
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    we can't go away from our offensive game plan of RUN RUN PASS PUNT, that is all we know
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    can CJ at least toss the ball? take a clean snap? hand the ball off? If yes, lets run the triple option with Greene and Washington. .. im serious :stunned:
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    Reminds me of life under Houston Nutt at Arkansas. Used to call him The Reverend because he was always praying on the side line and biting his nails.

    If two runs didnt get the 1st, have your weak armed QB try to bomb it down field and throw a pick, otherwise punt.
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    This is what happens when Fisher ball advocates coach. They should all be gone, and soon.
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    We pass more than we run.

    33.4 pass attempts per game

    28.4 rushing attempts, some were scrambles
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    Because Munchak likes playing conservative. Once we had the lead in the first half we went back to conservative, predictable play calling. Story of the season.
    Here is what Muchak had to say:

    On why Tennessee stopped taking shots downfield, particularly at the end of the first half
    “We were in that spot of the field where, again, they were getting a little pressure with the rush. We didn’t want to have something bad happen there and give them the ball back too soon, so we thought we would try some things that were a little bit more conservative, but had a chance, we felt, again, a block here, block there and those are big plays without a lot of risk. I think that’s what we were thinking about there.