"The dude’s throwing missiles out there”

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Stephenson, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    The problem is, he doesn't have the arm strength he used to. His 'gunslinging' mentality could sometimes be bailed out by his exceptional arm. The bigger problem is...more of those throws that went for TD's are now being picked off.

    And you can make the case that he's never had an Adrian Peterson (who has?) but Thomas Jones is an excellent back. Dustin Keller is an excellent pass catching TE. Cotchery and Coles were fine and they have a good OC. The problem is Favre played poorly after he got hurt and didn't tell anyone (or refused to not play because of his streak). He's got a hurt throwing shoulder but keeps playing.

    The Jets had the same idea...Favre doesn't need to carry us, we have the running game and short passing game so we won't have to rely on him. But when he plays hurt and plays gunslinger with a weakend shoulder/arm...he can kill his team's chances. If he can do what everyone WANTS him to do...let the offense revolve around AP like Elway did with TD, they could be excellent. However, I think Favre will either get hurt (that he can't play) or his ego will get in the way.

    With the Jets he could be excellent for a few games...but then the 'gunslinger; shows up. Make some nice throws and have some decent stats...if it just wasn't for those 2-3 big mistakes...

  2. latiger12

    latiger12 Camp Fodder

    Over-hype more like it. AP will save farve this hear. The guy look great last night.
  3. A Fightin'Titan

    A Fightin'Titan Starter


    Sorry Gut for the quick response but IMO he still has "the arm" from what i've been seeing in pre-season, the Jets could have rushed Jones alot more especially near the end of the season (he averaged 18 att. a game), and last year as a year for Brett wasn't that uncharacteristic besides the playoff miss. He's been up and down his whole career, we'll see how this year treats him. But regardless he's damn near the same QB he's been for years IMO and is a definite upgrade for the Vikings. I predict 26 TD's and 14 INT's.

    If you accept the injury hurt him last year and took strength out of his arm then you have to give him the benefit of doubt and think he'll stay healthy. Especially considering he's done it for 16 years.

    That division is stacked. minus Detroit.
  4. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Sorry for the quick response? Certainly no apology necessary!

    I disagree in that you can't say he'll stay healthy since he's done it for 16 years when it was his injury (which he didn't tell anyone about at the time) that basically caused them to lose games and miss the playoffs. If he had sat out a game or two and Clemons had been the QB, they WOULD have rushed more and probably would have won 1 or 2 of those games. Favre being injured and being mum (so they didn't game plan for it) cost them huge.

    His arm will look fine as it did last season until he takes a bunch of hits and his shoulder gets pushed too far without enough time to rest/heal as it did last year. He has an injured shoulder that he can deal with for a while. But last year, the rigors of his throwing style (he tries to fire 90% of his passes) and the NFL season were too much for him to continue at his most effective level.

    The good news is, they should have a good QB for a chunk of the season. The bad news MAY BE that he gets a dead arm/shoulder again since his injury was never healed as far as I know and that he doesn't tell anyone like last season. Hopefully, Childress will rely on AP for 60% of his offense and keep the wear and tear off Favre as much as possible and so no gameplan relies on Favre.

    Given the division, I think Favre will end up throwing it more than you'd like unless there D can really be excellent. We'll see, but I'd almost bet money Favre gets hurt sometime during the season though he may play anyway.

  5. bored1

    bored1 The Colt killer

    look i seen favre throw a few passes in this past game and to be honest i havent see someone put that much umph into a pass in a good while. i am a favre fan im tired of hearing about him. i mean for crying out loud when its the top story on local news in bham you know its over played. but the speed he hurled some of those balls was faster than i have seen in a while

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    Brett Favre is never over hyped.
    In the Early 90s, when Brett Favre was tearing away the competition, he was approached by his boyhood hero, Archie Manning. Archie Manning asked to buy a pint of Brett Favre's blood, so that his two High school QB sons could play better. These two sons became known as Peyton and Eli Manning. However, some of this blood fell into the hands of Bill Belichick, who would later draft a lousy no name quarterback from Michigan in the sixth round, he injected this Quarterback the blood, and the rest is history, However, Brett Favre would later regret selling his blood, as Eli would beat him in the 2008 NFC championship.
    If Chuck Norris can win at Connect Four in three moves. Brett Favre can do it in two.
    Brett Favre can throw a football 200 yards underwater.
    Still think he is over hyped???
  7. A Fightin'Titan

    A Fightin'Titan Starter

    24 Touchdowns

    3 Interceptions

    2,874 Yards

    10-1 overall record

    Not to shabby for an over the hill quarterback who definitely should have retired.
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  8. ColtKiller

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    Thoughts fellas? I mean, could you have been more wrong?
  9. Childress79

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    The annual will he retire crap really pissed me off to the point where I didn't click on a single favre story during the off season.

    I am however please to see him bounce back after surgery that he clearly needed before he signed with the Jets.

    He's a living legend in football and it's nice to see him playing again in a manner that fit's his reputation of old.
  10. tenforthewin

    tenforthewin Camp Fodder

    HGH is a helluva drug.
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