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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by JimmyTitan, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. JimmyTitan

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    A Top 11 Pick in the NFL Draft for a first year coach is one of the biggest decision he'll ever make in his coaching career and can seriously set the future and create the right tone for his team later in the year. Enter Ken Whisenhunt and company. Question is....what will he do with the pick? What will or should he do about not having a "third round" selection???

    With players like Tre Mason and speedy Dri Archer (clocked at 4.26 at the NFL combine), how expendable is Chris Johnson and just how valuable is a former 2000 yard NFL running back to him??? Personally, I am very intrigued with Johnny Manziel over Jake Locker, but really want to see IF Locker can be the guy since its still far too early. Jake Matthews seems to be a great fit for a franchise his family has life long ties with. Funny how his father was just recently relived of his position earlier this year. What is more important for Whisenhunt with this pick??? Offense or Defense??? With two aging (but great) offensive tackles, a suspect quarterback and lack luster defensive end positions and a star cornerback and possibly running back on the way out....what will the 17th Titans franchise head coach do come May of 2014???

    What do the fans think??? Because I can't truly figure out what is the right moves going into this off season for Whisenhunt and this new coaching staff moving forward into 2014, keeping or losing the right personnel.
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    too many posts with the same material on it, but I think they should trade back and try and get more picks then get dee ford with the late first.
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  3. Brew City

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    Anthony Barr for sure. If we take Manziel at 11 I will be so pissed. Not enough to turn in the fan card, but he would have to prove a lot.
  4. JR1980

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    To me, there is no question...With the depth at WR, OL, and RB potential late, and QB's gone, they need to get a key defensive player....or trade back because they really need that 3rd back
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  5. nytitaner

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    Manziel will NOT be available at 11, I couldn't imagine him making it past Oakland.
  6. titans92790

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    Similar things were said about Aaron Rodgers... Just sayin!
  7. A.D.

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    Whis won't make the 11th pick or any other. Ruston Webster will make all the draft picks.
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    How big of a fit will Manziel throw if he doesn't get drafted day-1?
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  9. Dman

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    I personally think we need a QB who can stay on the field. Our starting qb has seen 16 starts in 3 seasons, that is a problem especially when this is a qb driven league. Follow in the panthers foot steps, they drafted qb's in the first round consecutively and got Newton so that strategy can work but they also had a great D. We have a decent D I would say but they get tired on the field because our offense is inept!
  10. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Pro Bowler

    We don't have 2 great tackles btw
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