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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Big TT, Jan 7, 2008.

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    OK so the season is over. A short summary would be that the Titans exceded my expectations is some ways, (I didn't expect the playoffs until next year), and feel well below in others. About the SD game, Troupe actually made some plays, we should have thrown to him more. I am ready to admit that I have no idea what so ever what Chow is trying to do when we have the ball as far as the passing game goes. The best word I can use is "disjointed". VY played ok I thought, he was 16-29 with a 3-4 drops and was on target, he also ran well just not enough to hurt the chargers. Running game was solid but not the great game we needed to win...C. Brown I am so tired of seeing this guy in a Titan uniform, C. Henry only has one fast as he can into the back of blockers whether it is his linemen or the wedge returning kicks. Our wr/te get absolutly no seperation at all, period.
    Now on to the D, I don't know and realize that we will never get a straight answer from fish and co. but why oh why are we playing those recievers so soft on every play. That wasn't moss/stallworth/welker out there but we/schwartzie was giving 10 yard cushions on nearly every play. I liked the idea of making rivers beat us and think it might have worked (if I told you before the game LT would only get 42 yards on 21 carries would you take it?) but we/schwartzie made it too easy. We put them in 3rd and long (10 yards or more) 5 times and gave up a big play everytime. I accept one as a blown coverage but after that I lay it on schwartzie. One is on the players after that the coach should, well, coach. I pray some team (preferably the ratbirds, that would be funny) hire him as head coach.
    It is offseason and with over 40 million to spend the FO is on notice to gets some toys for Vince, it doesn't have to be a moss or TO talent just a wr and te that can be counted on and get open.
Thread Status:
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