The Curse of Absentee Ownership

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by bassplyr, Dec 15, 2013.

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    The Titans have been mired in mediocrity for over a decade. Regardless of the decision to change coaches or draft a franchise QB, this organization needs a culture change. I believe one fundamental change is having the ownership be local. There is no substitute for day-to-day accountability. While we hear that the front office and Munchak talk with Tommy Smith often, that is not the same as having to face the ultimate decision maker on a daily basis.

    I think while they may have some uncomfortable conference calls on Monday mornings after another lousy performance, after they hang up everyone goes back to what they were doing. There doesn't seem to be sense of urgency about turning the performance around. Instead, we get Munchak selling the idea we are almost there. Again.

    I would like to see this ownership group make the commitment to be on site on a constant basis. Tommy took a pass on moving here initially and there is no indication he is willing to now. I hope he makes the commitment. Otherwise, I think this franchise is going to be stuck limbo for another decade.
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    I disagree 100% There is work to be done. But this isnt " absentee " Ownership. I think the Titans will bring in new blood in the offseason and give someone total control of the team. It will be someone total serpated from the teams past. Bud was hung up on the past and connections. The new folks in charge will change course. Its what is needed.

    We will see soon enough. The Adams family will not sell the team and wil not control day to day. They will outsource it. Thats what this team needs.
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    Hmmm..., which one is most effective-owner managing over the phone or owner managing from a Nashville office? Think of Jerry Jones, Snyder; which would we prefer? I'm thinking I like the outsourcing idea more. I also think that clinging to the past is counter productive in all ways. Throw the past out, work in the present and then the future will take care of itself. After all, the present is really all we have. The past is not and the future is not. Only the present ever matters. Do what is right in the present.
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    Whether it is outsourced or in-house, staying in the present instead of trying to recapture the past is a spot on observation. That is probably going to mean cleaning out a lot of the current personnel - on field, coaching, and front office. Also, patience will be required because rarely does any organization get it right the first time. It's about changing the culture.
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    I think there's a difference in being the GM, head scout, CEO, and owner like Snyder/Jones while Bud Adams was clueless as to how bad Fisher and Vy's relationship was.

    That's how this whole mess started. The Nashville Crew had to fly to Houston to talk the old man into releasing VY. Bud wanted both Fisher and VY to stay. That wasn't going to happen. Six weeks later Fisher couldn't fill out a coaching staff because everyone in the league knew he was done after the season unless something miraculous happened. Then we ended up with Munch because the viable head coaching candidates had already taken jobs.

    Nothing wrong with an owner between clueless(Adams) and crazy(Jones).
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    I don't think Adams was clueless as much as he was accepting of the fact that there was a rift and just hoped Fisher and Young sorted out themselves. I don't believe Adams was ever an absentee owner because an absentee owner wouldn't have made his team draft a QB, force the HC to start said QB, and force his team to chase Peyton Manning. If fact you could make the argument that we would be better of if Adams had been a more hands off guy.

    There is a difference between acknowledging a problem and effectively solving it.
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