The colts 9-4 with mirrors...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Dec 13, 2012.

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    my most hated team in 2012: Tennessee Titans.

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    We spend too much time talking about the Titans sucking, why can't a poster bring up another team?

    Yes they won the games theyre suppose to win, but they play down to their opponents, thats a bad quality to have. It's something losing teams do.

    The purpose of this discussion was to shed some light on a team that's not as good as advertised.
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    In that case we should just post about most of the AFC.
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    Yes the Colts are overated, and so is Luck. People want praise Luck for being great, and rag on Locker for every throw he has that isn't perfect, but have they seen Luck play? Dude misses more than his fair share of passes, some of them pretty easy passes too. He does have WRs that bail him out alot though by catching his bad passes (which Locker hasn't had the luxury of most of the time), but even still his comp % isn't that great, (54.9%) Locker by comparison is at 57.5%

    In fact, Locker and Luck are having very similar seasons this year, but since Locker has missed so much time, and the Titans aren't winning games nobody cares about Locker. If you extrapolated all of Locker's stats out for 13 games, they would be nearly identical to Luck's

    And people give the Luck way to much credit for the colts comeback wins. A prime example is our game on sunday. In the second half when they were down by 13 points, they took the ball out of Lucks hands and really started focusing on the run game. He threw exactly 0 TDs in 'his' comeback.

    Same with the overtime win in the 1st game vs the Titans. He throws a simple screen to the RB who runs it for a TD, but Luck gets the credit for the comeback. That was all the RB and playcalling. They got lucky in a lot of other games too.

    I honestly haven't been all that impressed wiht Luck. He is good, but listening to the media talk you would think he is the greatest ever. And I really don't think his ceiling is that high. I think he will be a good QB (and the media will have you believe his is great), but he won't be much better than he is now. He will probably cut out some of the ints and up his comp %, but he won't be PM.

    Really the only difference between the Titans and the Colts now is a better coaching staff and a little luck. The luck will run out, we need to upgrade our staff though.
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    It's the rationalization about them being 9-4 and us being 4-9 that is a waste of time IMO. The is what the record says it is. If the Colts are that good, they either won't make to or very far in the playoffs. The story will end there. It does come off as being a bunch of whiney-azz babies to dissect it that the Colts aren't as good as 9-4 suggests.

    Good teams win the games they are supposed to win. Bad teams don't.

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    The colts gutted there team and were expected to be 2-14. They beat us twice and are going to the playoffs. Remarkable season and coaching and drafting. They may not be great but the job that organization has done is just that great! When the expectation was 2-14 and I assume they finish 10-6, how is that overated?
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    Passing yardage is not an indication of who is better. It is passing effectiveness. A rating of 74.5 is not effective. Again they are 7th in total offense but only 17th in points scored.
  8. RollTide

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    The point is that it is only temporary. Next year they won't be a playoff team. The chefs made the playoffs a couple of years ago does that mean they were an emerging power? Look at them since.

    Why not look at Luck's 18 ints and 74 passing rating and ascertain that he isn't as good as advertised? It's it is analysis.
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  9. RollTide

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    The colts have given up 37 more points this year than they have scored.

    Average points per game 22.5

    Average points given up per game 25.3

    A sign of greatness?
  10. SawdustMan

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    That wasn't my point. I was replying to the comment made that "90% of Luck's passes are dink and dunk". Seems it would be hard to rank 8th in the league in yards if all you're doing is throwing dink and dunk passes.
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