The clean out their locker thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by rodgev, Oct 6, 2013.

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    I don't think Matthews is the problem.
  2. RavensShallBurn

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    I think you guys are of the opinion that Hall of Famers are automatically excellent coaches.

    If this was the case, we'd be undefeated and probably Super Bowl contenders.
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    still waiting ....

    just sayin'
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    It's not a coincidence. Matthews controlled basically the same Houston OL that became dominant as soon as he left.

    Now he controls a very similar line that we've had for years before. And it's improved immensely this year. Yet it still sucks.

    I am absolutely convinced that with a decent coach this is a top 5 OL. Turner is garbage, but the rest have no reason to be struggling.

    Our guys may be struggling with blocking fundamentals at times, but we need to be creating better blocking schemes or something. Virtually every team is able to open up holes for their RBs except for us, yet we have one of the most talented group of linemen in the league.

    It's coaching. It always is... When you have loads of talent and still suck, it's coaching. Kansas City is a prime example.
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    I figured you for a fromunda cheese guy. :)

    Fromunda Cheese
    The residue and/or mud-like substance found in, under, and around the male genetalia as a result from neglect and uncleanliness.
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    It's not that I think he's a great coach (it's likely he's just average) because of his pedigree it's just that some of things I see happening on that O-line have absolutely nothing to do with coaching because no coach would ever teach an OL to get his ass physically manhandled or to just flat out whiff. These things have to do with execution and that's on the player.If this was purely a coaching thing would Roos and Stewart (mainly Roos) be playing as well as they are?

    I'm not saying I know what the problem is and am just suggesting that neither do most of you but Matthews is an easy target. Pretty much, no coach is as bad as our line is playing right now.My gut tells me that Turner is playing so badly that the other guys can't focus on doing their job because his guy is always running loose but maybe I'm wrong too.
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    You can't educate pork .... thats true. However , this line has two bookend pro-bowl tackles , one first round rookie , one experienced pro and , at the moment , a tree stump. Were this some bunch of scrubs I would agree but in this case i can't.

    IMO , Roos this season is playing slightly above average , Stewart slightly below. Having watched all the five games I am struggling to justify the comment that they are playing as well as they are. Could just be that the rest of the bunch are playing that badly that they look bright.
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    yeah why bother with edge blitzes when its a free pass going up the middle
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    Bruce is getting a little too much credit(blame?) for the work he did in Houston. He was the assistant offensive line coach. That's like being the assistant to the manager, not assistant manager.
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    fair enough