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    Well it has been a great season and probably one of the best in a very long time. We got the division title back in Nashville and finished with the best record in NFL. We had some big question marks after Vince went down and that drama that came with it but I have to say Kerry Collins came through for us. We all had question marks about the first pick in the draft which alot of us thought it should have been a wide reciever. Wow did Chris Johnson prove us wrong or what. The return of Jevon Kearse was pretty exciting so how did you think he stood up for us this year. We had some injurines on our D-line where at times our depth proved to be pretty solid in that area. So how about our team? Who do you think was our MVP this season, who was a bust, who needs to stay and who needs to go, what was your favorite game this year?

    MVP- It was close between Collins and Johnson but I have to say this one goes to Chris Johnson. He brought so much to our offense this year and since he are runnning team this goes to him since her brought alot to that this year.

    Bust- I think JMac didn't prove much to us at all this year, I had high hopes for this guy but he didn't step up at crucial times. Although Vince seems to be a total bust he didn't quite get a chance to redeem himself yet.

    Favorite game- I think the Monday night game against the Colts was the greatest. I believe that game showed who was the leader of the division and that is the game we probably took our title back. Code Blue was pretty fun too.
Thread Status:
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