The Bengals Game Coming Up;

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by GrandMajesty1, Aug 10, 2013.

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    I've been watching the "new" Hard Knocks on HBO lately, and pretty impressed with the intensity and focus of this Bengals team from top to bottom. The amazing thing is that Cincinnati is talking Super Bowl??? What a joke since this was the one team we loved making fun of, especially when we always played them....but there is something about this team that has me a little worried about potential injuries this coming Saturday....

    Injuries can happen in any game, whether it's a good or bad team, but some teams that have a certain swagger and determination can cause havoc in a shadow of bad luck. We've got to play smart and keep strength training and health as all NFL teams "top priority" before Week 1. I think this will be a good test against a very talented team heading into the 2013 Season. I just hope not only do we "win" but avoid any catastrophic injuries.
  2. Brew City

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    I'm more worried about the Bengals. We're the ones with Pollard.
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    And I don't believe any team has a "swagger" that makes them more likely to injure people. It's football, injuries happen. We had just as much of a chance to get injured vs the Redskins last week as we do having the Bengals injure one. I would like proof to see if certain teams with "swagger" tend to injure people significantly more.
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    Bengals will win their division this year. I pray for once the Texans face another team in the first round though. Or better yet miss the playoffs altogether.

    The Bengals are the only reason the Texans have been able to win playoff games.
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    The Bengals are my sleeper team this year in the NFL as much as that pains me to say. I don't know with that said, we will be more prone to injuries next Saturday by a hungry team being that I feel that we just as hungry with our own swagger.
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    I hope we're a big underdog.
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    I could give a damn if we win or lose. I just want to see the following things:
    1.) Locker throw more (This gives our Oline a chance to gather chemistry against blitzes, gives the WRs and the TEs a chance to get some touches, and the main reason is so that Jake can work on his accuracy). Our Play Action can be the best in the league, if Jake improves his accuracy.
    2.) PLAY THE CBs UP ON THE WR (self explanatory! If you are a real Titan fan, you know the we play too far off of WR).
    3.) Just a taste of our new def packages ( not to much), but maybe just a base play out of (3-4, 3-3-5, and 5-2).
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    1. See Locker throw the ball more
    2. Play better defense,that goes for run defense and pass defense
    3. How well Schwenke does at center.
    4. No injuries
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    Only you would make a post like this. Who cares bud if we lose to the Bengals or any other pre season game so long we don't lose any players for the season. Every team in the NFL right now starting over for the new season is going to look like the all of a sudden dangerous and scary Cincinnati Bengals!!!

    I knew this was going to be a great site!!! Can't wait for the fun to start!!!