The Battle at Bristol

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Tennessy XO, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. RTH

    RTH Meh...

    UT is very fortunate App's kicker is the worst.
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  2. Alex1939

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    I think it's extremely exciting since it will set the attendance record. I'm sure the pre-game atmosphere and tailgating will be absolutely amazing.

    That said, watching the game from nose bleeds seems like it would suck and the aftermath of leaving seems like it would suck more. I am not going. But I thought about it... more than once!
  3. altitan

    altitan Starter

    Im going, and sitting near the top...ill let you know
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  4. altitan

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    Awesome experience shared by my son and I that we will never forget. Couldnt make out players numbers all the way, but could see the plays, clear enough to see a catch or fumble. Getting there wasnt fun, and loooooong lines at concesssions but all in all, awesome experience. Half time show was great, good swag etc....Go Vols!
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