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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by stillmatic23, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Alex1939

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    That goes both ways. I just added the "last season doesn't mean anything" to the original topic of the thread.

    But you are still wrong to say that previous seasons don't mean jack when talking smack or praising your team or an opposing team.

    For instance, you can't say "Peyton Manning is a crappy QB." History says Peyton is one of the best, so the colts should have a good passing attack this season.

    I see your point though, nothing has happened yet this season, so it's hard for another team to talk smack or say the Titans will be horrible since no one knows yet what will happen. (If that was your point about previous seasons not meaning anything)
  2. Dr.Awkward

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    Actually, I think you missed the whole picture. Whether you're talking about statistics or specifics acts of conduct from previous years, it's all relevant to some degree.

    Some fans might not like a team for prior acts, though those acts might not necessarily be statistically relevant, or even relevant to the game itself.
  3. I hate the Ravens, they just seem so dark and evil kinda.
  4. Yossarian

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    if previous seasons don't mean jack then your whole initial argument about why the Texans dog us despite the fact that they are a horrible team is irrelevant... because how would we know that they are a horrible team
  5. moose4now

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    Or, is it because they're the Ravens. And they took something from us in 2000 that should have been ours. :grrr:
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  7. Overalls

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    Your team is worse than the Texans and you seem not to have a problem talking trash.
  8. RyansTitans

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    Overalls. Shut it. We both played good last night. Give us our respect and we will give you yours. Your QB looks nice and seemed to move the ball well against the Bears. We played awesome defense but it sucks we couldnt get the ball in the endzone but that would be expected with our bad backup. Both of our starting teams beat the apposing starters. I think your team did.. I cant remember. Dont be saying your team is better before the season even starts. Ive been hearing that from Texans fans for a few years now and you still continue to be the cellar dwellers.
  9. stillmatic23

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    Lol because the texans have yet to have one positive year. they're the only team i say is horrible and will have a horrible year. Even the browns and raiders have atleast made the playoffs and stuff.
  10. stillmatic23

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    I give texans no respect. they have never done anything worth respecting them for.
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