The 3-4 isn't working

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    His cap hit is literally half that of the highest paid CB in the league. There are 20 CBs who have a cap hit of $8M or more this year, and his cap value is $8.6M.

    The other guys are paid like low level starters. They were basically given one year tryouts because who could turn into cheap long-term investments if they panned out, or cut if they didn't.
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    al had two good years....great years...working for that contract
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    You don't think $10 million/yr is top tier CB money??? Ryan was the only player I said was paid top tier.....

    Only Bouye, Gilmore, & Kirkpatrick were paid more this yr......think that makes it top tier. Does IMO. Top 4 salary. In FA = top tier money any day of the week.

    The other ARE OVERPAID & no one said they couldn't be cut w/o much dead money.
    I didn't say cap hit.... I said he was paid top tier money....

    Only Bouye, Gilmore, & Kirkpatrick were paid more this yr......think that makes it top tier. Does IMO. Top 4 salary in FA = top tier money any day of the week IMO.
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    Top tier money implies that they are getting a lot of money compared to the vast majority of other CBs... Logan Ryan isnt doing that no matter how you look at it. Logan Ryan got paid 4th best salary at CB in free agency because the next best corner that actually changed teams in free agency was who, Nolan Carroll, Mo Claiborne, Amukamara? No thanks.
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    Ryan played a fine game yesterday
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    I love the 3-4 defense, we just don't have the pieces to be an effective 3-4, starting with a massive nosetackle, followed by qb sacking de's, backed up by great lbs.
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    Imagine our D-line as a 43.

    LE: Morgan, Dodd
    RE: Orakpo, Walden
    DT: Casey, Jones, Klug, Sly/Austin Johnson

    That's a solid rotation with a lot of good pure pass rushers. And then we would still have Woodyard and Wilmanson as 43 LBs.

    I'm not saying we should switch back to a 43, as Dick LeBeau has done a lot of good for our defense with not a lot of good players, but I kinda miss the aggressive 43 days with Fisher and Gregg Williams.
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    He is among the top 15 highest paid CBs in the league in pay scale this year. (#13 excluding tagged player to be exact Per Sportrac) I STILL say that IS TOP TIER $$$. There are over 215 CBs being paid this year; & he is making more than 201 of them...... HOW is that not top tier money??? Seems like a vast majority to me..LOL

    I never said Ryan would not be good at some point... Nor did I say we should've signed anyone else. I said he was paid top tier money..... That's it. Why on Earth am I having to explain this to people? I am not saying he is a bad player. We do not know yet. Too soon to say. However, there is no doubt he is make top tier $$. No matter how you see it. If a player is making more than 201 of 215 players at his position; he is being paid top tier money. Off the top of my head, w/o doing the math, he is making more than 91% (At least); of all CBs in the NFL. This year that is.... I did not look at other years & do not care enough to do so....
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    The team was top 6 both in sacks and against the run. The secondary was just bad.
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    This is nonsense.

    For years everyone told me by changing to the 3-4 we would automatically become a better defense because it was the superior system. Standing up the defensive end instead of having his hand on the ground would be the magic pixie dust this defense needed.

    Now we want to change back?