The 3-4 isn't working

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    While these base schemes are still relevant, they're not as prominent as they once were. Just a few years back when the Redskins franchised Brian Orakpo (an OLB in Washington's 3-4 base), he argued and won that he should be designated and paid like a DE because he was rushing the passer a majority of the time. in this context, what does the term "base" mean? Just as the discussion has established, we're referring to personnel groupings, with a slight variation between the two. Both however, are designed to defend the run and pass equally well.

    But then, that must also be true of the grouping on offense, which is true. But ask yourself, how often are you seeing just a 2 WR set, with a TE & FB, I-formation personnel? Not that often and certainly not a majority of the time. NFL offenses are in some form of multi-WR set 2/3rd of the time. Some teams are running these sets as often as 70% of the time! What impact does that tend to have on the grouping of your defense? They respond with their nickel & dime groupings, often referred to as "sub" packages. The language hasn't kept up with the reality. Sub always meant situational, but today they're in those sets the vast majority of the time.
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    the most important parts of a 3-4 are a NT who pushes the up the pocket or occupies a C-G on every play,a Beast of an ILB who can shut down and scrape and a solid FS who can track and move consistently.

    We have good outside rushers but all QBs just step up in the pocket because we have nobody collapsing from the middle. Orakpo and Morgan have to loop to get sacks because their QB is always off his landmark.

    More of a reason why Gut and myself wanted a true NT with Collapsability and not someone who was poor against the Run AND Pass in Sly.
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    I've been saying this for a long time and got poo poo'd by many. The last time our defense was good, was when we ran a 4-3. We don't have the personnel or athleticism at LB for the 3-4. It's not working. We also don't have a pocket collapsing NT...and don't talk to me about "hybrid" because our base is a 3-4 and the coaches state as much. We are getting VERY little pressure on the QB and it wasn't just vs the Raiders, it was all preseason also. All of the acquisitions on Offense mean nothing when you can't stop teams from scoring and posting points with .47 seconds on the clock. When will we change?
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    We went from 27th in 2015 to 17th in 2016 in team defense.

    LeBeau isn't going to change the scheme anytime soon.
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    Our D hasn't been good since Big Al left for Washington.
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    Who are the beast NT or ILBs who are helping Khalil Mack and Von Miller get their sacks? Casey is much better than anyone they have on the interior. Hell, Klug might be a better pass rusher than anyone they have on the interior.
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    What do you expect from the defense? We haven't made hardly any real investment in the defense until this year. Outside of 3rd or later round draft picks, and value FA signings. I think Morgan was the last 1st round pick we took on defense besides Adoree this yr.

    This team is going to have to put some investment into the defense before it is going to be good. Ryan was paid like a top tier CB, but is not. Cyp was way overpaid; as was Williams.

    Hopefully next year we see some real talent brought in for this defense. There is no excuse not to address defense early next season.
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    None of those guys were paid like top tier players. All can be cut next year with little dead cap.
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    (on the Titans defense)

    In the AFC West there are a lot of good defenses, so I know one when I see one. The Titans, ever since I've come into the NFL, are one of the top five defenses I've played - it's not even close. The way Coach (Dick) LeBeau schemes things and schemes free runners, plays coverage and all those things, he always tests our rules, he's good at that. Let alone with him as the coach, the players are unbelievable as you guys have seen. You have to be so careful not to throw a random pass to a defender just sitting there. You have to be so careful not to turn the ball over against these guys while still staying aggressive to move the ball and get explosive plays. It's a fine line, but Tennessee always has one the best defenses that I've ever played.

    So maybe it is really just a personnel issue more than anything else. Which makes me wonder why we would draft a 4-3 de with the first pick of the 2nd round, and jump up and down in the war room like they just won the lottery. That lottery ticket was inactive yesterday.
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    You don't think $10 million/yr is top tier CB money??? Ryan was the only player I said was paid top tier.....

    The other ARE OVERPAID & no one said they couldn't be cut w/o much dead money.