The 10th pick's from 2000-2012

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by JCBRAVE, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Premium positions are usually QB, OT, DE and DT. I'd say we need help at 3/4, probably 4/4 but we're not going to take a QB.
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    Well I think there is a strong want for Star. Most the top DEs are much better suited for 34. Going secondary there is d milliner.. Nor sure that's better than taking Vaccaro tho.
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    Yea I know which ones. But there is one DT that is premium talent. So I didn't really expect him to slide to us. And qb I left off because it's just not happening
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    We're not going QB, if Star isn't there then probably not DT, so that leaves OT and DE. Unless we move Stewart inside we're not going OT and as far as DE goes top 10 at this point right now is Werner and Moore and maybe Mingo if he can put on a few more pounds. Unless Moore or Werner drop I would rather just sign a guy to be part of the rotation since we already have Wimbley and Morgan and I don't think Mingo is in the same tier as the top 2 prospects. I was liking Te'o for a while but 1. he's kinda crazy 2. we're going to give McCarthy another year

    So that leaves us with Warmack. Best case is we trade back about 4 spots and hopefully pick up their 3rd.
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