The 10th pick's from 2000-2012

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    FA will certainly play a big role in what we do in the draft.

    Luckily this draft is deep in interior OL and DT. I think we can count on getting a starting caliber player at #39 at both positions.
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    A DT who can both rush the passer and stop the run is harder to find than a great guard, which is why there is a higher premium put on the position. Same with defensive end.

    Like I said, don't argue with me, argue with NFL executives who think the same way I do.
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    Trade baaaaaaaaaack
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    While I agree the NFL executives put a higher premium on DL and about the only OL guys you see going early are LTs. But look at the list that started this thread and look at all the bums on that list. So maybe if you do have a shot at a guy who looks like Larry Allen's double isn't such as bad choice. What you want is a guy who you know is going to be 1. a stud and 2. fill a need. Not much more to it than that. So outside of QB, which is even more of a crap shoot, why not increase your odds of actually getting a real stud? There is also the added incentive that you aren't strapped with the ridiculous contract players used to get just for being drafted.
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    I think that just goes back to player evaluations and bad teams picking bad players.

    In 2002 the Cardinals, a perennially bad team, take a LT over other players at premium positions, John Henderson, Albert Haynesworth, Dwight Freeney and Bryan Thomas.

    The Ravens, a team that works the draft like very few in the league, take Terrell Suggs over other guys at premium positions like Jimmy Kennedy, Michael Haynes, Jerome McDougal, and George Foster.

    If a team really thinks the value of a guard at #10 is the best they can do then I guess go for it. I just don't think that is the best choice.
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    There is definitely a slight difference in the premium of each position. Normally you look at the overall skill ability you are getting and not the position tho. That's drafting Bpa. If a DT is coveted in the top ten, its normally because he shows elite abilities for a certain scheme. You get maybe one or two of these cats every year. Good to great guards slip because there is normally a handful in each draft.

    Warmack is different tho. He shows enough ability to be a top run blocking guard in the nfl. Very fast. That to me is top 10 worthy. Especially on our team when we need all the help we can get on that line.

    The premium for LTs is based on the premium for DEs. And those effect the QB greater than any other players on the field. QB/LT/de always take precedence.

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    Look at the 9th and 11th picks I posted. much more encouraging than the 10th picks
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    I think you are mixing up your drafts. In 2002 the Cardinals took a DT first Wendall Bryant from Wisconsin and he was a total bust. The ravens drafted Suggs in 2003.

    How many first rd offensive guards taken in the last 10 years are out of the league or on the bench? I'll research it but if the titans think that Warmack can be the next Will shields they should take him in a NY minute.
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    At this point i don't want to take a big risk with that first pick. The top 5 interior offensive line from the last draft became starters right away for their teams. When was the last time you heard about an Albert Haynesworth guard?

    Warmack is a full notch above Zietler and Decastro the top picks last year at that position. He can be another Hutchinson or Will Shields.

    If you think there is great value at this position in rd 2 great! We can draft another interior linemen with that 39th pick also. Baily, Warford, Jones great!

    Let's end this problem now!

    We were 26th in rushing offense and 21st in rush attempts. That is not acceptable! We got a young QB we are staking our future on let's build a line in front of him!
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    Yeah. I would be all for Warmack then Warford or someone like that in the 2nd.
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