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    On Monday, I ranked the Top 10 acquisitions for the Titans in free agency. Well, here’s a look at 10 free agents who didn’t pay off for the Titans. Let’s call them the Bottom 10 ….

    1. WR David Givens (2006) – This might’ve worked if not for some horrible luck. A knee injury wrecked his career just months, and eight catches, after signing a 5-year, $24 million deal.

    2. WR Carl Pickens (2000) – The Titans welcomed in this former Bengals star too late. After signing a five-year deal, he had just 10 catches in his one season before being released.

    3. WR Yancey Thigpen (1998) – He starred with the Steelers, but after signing a 5-year, $21 million contract in Tennessee, he was hurt too much, and produced too little. The Titans did get 91 catches out of him in three seasons.

    4. TE Daniel Graham (2011) – He made $3.5 million in one season before being released a year into his 3-year deal. He had just two catches for 25 yards to show for it.

    5. LB Barrett Ruud (2011) – The Titans paid Ruud $4 million for one season. He ended up playing in just nine games before injuries shut him down for the season.

    6. FB Greg Comella (2002) – He was supposed to make people forget about Lorenzo Neal, but Comella never panned out with the Titans. He was released one season after signing a five-year deal.

    7. CB DeRon Jenkins (2001) – It’s not like the Titans invested a bunch of money in Jenkins, but they wasted too much time in him, even if it was just one season. He simply wasn’t very good.

    8. DT Shaun Smith (2011) – The Titans paid Smith $3.25 million to sign, but he was never a good fit with Jerry Gray’s defense. They parted ways with him after just one year of a three-year deal.

    9. CB Kyle Herndon (2007) – The Titans identified the former Seahawk as some who could help them, signing Herndon to a three-year deal. But he played in just four games, with two tackles, before being released a year later.

    10. DE Jevon Kearse (2008) – He’ll go down as one of the best draft picks of all time. But when the team brought him back as a free agent, it didn’t work. He had just 4.5 sacks in two seasons before being benched in 2009.

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