The “Amish Rifle” readies for old friend

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    Sunday’s game between the Titans and Cardinals will match a pair of former Cincinnati teammates – quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick and Carson Palmer.

    The two spent 2007 and 2008 together, with Palmer starting every game for the Bengals in 2007 and Fitzpatrick starting 12 of 16 in games in 2008 due to a Palmer injury.

    It’s clear the two are still close.

    “Rhino, the Amish Rifle,” Palmer said of Fitzpatrick. “I have a ton of respect for Ryan (Fitzpatrick). He’s played in a number of different places, he has been in a lot of crazy situations, a lot of sticky situations. He’s the type of guy you want on your side. I love playing with him, love watching him play.”

    Palmer explained that the unusual nickname derived from Fitzpatrick’s thick facial hair.

    “He’s got that neck beard, chin beard,” Palmer told The Arizona Republic.

    But Fitzpatrick wasn’t about to give Palmer credit for coining the “Amish rifle.”

    “That was more of a Buffalo term,” Fitzpatrick said. “He ripped that off somebody. He’s not all that creative.”

    And then Fitzpatrick countered.

    “He’s just a guy who’s never really let his facial hair grow,” Fitzpatrick said of Palmer. “He always keeps that clean-cut image. He’ll mess with a mustache or Fu Manchu sometimes, but he won’t go with the grizzly beard.”

    On a more serious note, Fitzpatrick said he learned a lot from playing with Palmer.

    “I don’t like him at all,” Fitzpatrick said. “No, Carson is a good friend of mine.

    “I learned a lot about just the way you need to present yourself, the way you need to attack a gameplan, kind of the leadership aspects he brings. He’s been that true number one — everybody look to your quarterback — since probably he was a little kid. So it’s been great to see the way he’s handled himself throughout his whole career and I’m happy for the success he’s had this year in Arizona.”

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