Texans turn to contingency at long-snapper

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky The NFL's suspension of Houston long-snapper Bryan Pittman was in the works for a long time, so the Texans had a plan in place.

    And, let's be honest, Pittman's had some bad moments this season, including Monday night when a botched snap cost the Texans a short field goal just before halftime. (It also resulted in a season-ending knee injury for Jacksonville cornerback Rashean Mathis).

    Practice squad tight end Clark Harris has been working in practices to be ready, and is now in line to be the guy for the final four games.

    "We've been preparing for that," coach Gary Kubiak told Houston reporters Wednesday. "Of course, we've had him here previously and then brought him back. He's been preparing as if he was going to be the snapper every week. That's how we've been working with him. So, [we're] way ahead of the game from that standpoint. Naturally, he's a young player and this is a tough environment for him to go do his job, but he's way ahead of the game. It's not like we're starting fresh today."

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