Texans release Ed Reed

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Smash, Nov 12, 2013.

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    interesting. Green Bay just has a gm but idk who is above him considering I think the team is owned by the town if I am not correct? I am really not sure on this!
  2. Scarecrow

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    I really do not see what would be so hard about running an NFL team......its not like its your job to find people off the streets or anything. You essentially pick from a pool of guys who have been working in the NFL for close to a decade or more.

    Scouting rookies, yea sure, I can agree with that. If you were to be placed in charge of the Titans right now, outside of cutting lose Munch and Loggains, I doubt many people would shake things up. Even then, its not like you could do much worse, those guys came in with as little experience as you could find.

    So I disagree, its not like you are performing a surgery or building a rocket, you are just trying to find someone with experience from a small pool already.
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    I never think of it as a hard job since I've been following the NFL so closely for a long time. But I'm sure it's much more difficult than we could imagine.

    The draft would be the most difficult. Contract numbers, convincing guys to sign with you rather than elsewhere when the money offered may be equal or less, and stuff like that could be a challenge too, but I think most of us know the worth of the players in the NFL and why they should choose Nashville over let's say ****ing Baltimore... because it's actually a nice city and major tax advantages in comparison to other NFL cities.

    Really shouldn't be THAT hard... it's just hard to actually work your way up to get that job and having the right connections to make it happen.
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    This is where the fans who think they know it all fall down. They simply assume that the guy they want will sign with us as long as we ask. It's rarely known if teams ever make an offer to a player.
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    You might be thinking of Ebbsfleet United F.C., a lower-league team in England. That's the most famous example of what you're talking about.

    Major differences there are that it's a (very) minor league team (5th division) and it's run by majority fan voting, not by the decisions of just one fan.

    Very interesting idea for sure, but not necessarily analogous to putting a single fan in charge of a billion-dollar NFL franchise.
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    yeah you would certainly have to have interview skills. Also it's difficult to determine on which players are done or just in for the money vs those that are wanting to go for championships and work hard.

    All in all, I don't think it is that difficult to say a fan could outdraft the professionals (particularly in early rounds with name players) and all we have to do is look at draft board here vs the actual draft the Titans have, cause for the most part the Titans have been pretty real awful in the early rounds.
  7. Alex1939

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    That may be it. For some reason I was thinking it was an MLS team or maybe minor MLS (does such a thing even exist?).

    Would be interesting for sure as a coach or player to know the season ticket holders determined your future.
  8. Shanvhere

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    Jets to sign Ed Reed
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