Texans need big bounce-back from Schaub

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

    Like a coach tied to a quarterback tends to do, Gary Kubiak is standing firmly with Matt Schaub after a poor opening-day performance. In the bad loss at Pittsburgh, Schaub threw two interceptions and lost a fumble.

    "That's part of the game," Kubiak said. "That's part of the NFL. You're never going to go through here unscathed. Never will everything be easy or perfect. That's part of being a quarterback in the National Football League. He battled through yesterday. He had a couple of decisions that he made that hurt our team. He knows that he's got to protect the ball there. He has to throw it away. He took some shots, kept battling. We've got to protect him better. What tells me he can come back? He's a quarterback in the NFL. You better be able to come back. You're going to go through those things. We've got to play better around him too. That'll help him come back more quickly."

    Schaub has endured a two-interception game four times before, and his team lost all four of those games too.

    He's bounced back well in terms of making better throws. In three follow-up games (a fourth was a brief appearance because of a shoulder injury) he's thrown four touchdowns and only one interception. But he has only posted a 1-2 record.

    Teams recover from 0-2 starts, but Sunday's game against Baltimore qualifies as huge.

    The Texans need a win and need to play well to be ready for the AFC South gauntlet that follows: at Tennessee, at Jacksonville and against Indianapolis.
    All that offseason confidence will be dwindling if Houston can't find a way past rookie quarterback Joe Flacco and a less-than-stellar offensive line.

    If Houston loses and Schaub has a bad game, the calls for Sage Rosenfels will begin, too.

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