Texans clinch AFC South X2

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by DownSouthPlayer, Oct 3, 2012.

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    This will be the second year the Texans walk off with the AFC South. How did they get so lucky to get really good right when the titans,colts and jags are at their worst? They gonna own this division for years. I think the key to long term success is keep as many players on your roster as long as you can.

    you need a number of key guys that stay for years. We like to let guys walk and we never have a solid core of guys like the Steelers do, the Ravens do and now the Texans are starting to be that way.

    What long term guys do we have that count? Whos our defense leaders? some rookies?

    CJ2K is a VET but Locker is still a youngster and Britt cant stay on the field. We are a hot mess. Teams like ours cannot win championships. You have to build a core and win before those guys get to old to play. Colts won a Ring before their core of players split up. but Manning, Wayne,Clark,Saturday, etc.....lead the way for years. You can plug new guys in if you already have a good foundation. But we cant do that, our new guys are having to be the foundation. And now many of you want CJ2K gone, you want Griffin gone, you want Britt gone... we will never be a great team by rebuilding every season. Its gonna be a long time before you see us back in the playoffs. Good news is though, once we get there, the Texans will be aging and going down that rebuilding road.

    sorry that went longer than i thought it would.
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    You make a good point about keeping your core guys year after year. I think the problem is many of our current "core" guys are from the Fisher regime. I think we can see that changing, the types of players drafted have clearly changed. It seems as though we are taking production over potential, but maybe I'm just not seeing it correctly I don't know.

    Our core looks pretty good actually... Locker, Wright, McCarthy, Ayers, McCourtey. Britt is a goner and I think Wiffin will be as well. Needless to say, we need to hit these next few drafts out of the ballpark because we really need to build a core group of studs that are elite.
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    Been that way pretty much in this division since it began. First couple of years the Titans were good, everyone else sucked. Then the colts ruled while everyone else pretty much was middle of the road for what 6-7 years. Titans would have a good team every couple of years, even the jags had a couple of good years. So now the cowpokes for tejas are good.
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    We're a soft organization. Easy to beat. Teams don't sigh in displeasure when they see us on the schedule. Tradition needs to be changed or it will just continue. We haven't been a contender with the exception of the one fluke season for a decade now.

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    6 years of the same system and players that fit their scheme put them where they are.
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