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    SUMMARY: Coach Jeff Fisher
    The defense made the plays when we needed to make the plays .We got the points, we got the turnaround. We didn’t play the game I thought we were going to play. But, we will take the win.

    The turnovers, those types of things have a direct effect on the ballgame and they did today. Our offense was in a hole the second half. We couldn’t get going with the difficult field position. But overall I think we took a step forward. I think we got a little better, but we have a lot of things to correct.

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    I LOVE that Fisher is still pointing some things we have to iron out. That's good. Usually he doesn't really talk about what we did do, not what we DIDN'T do. I think he's starting to realize that this is definately an ELITE team and we are a definately a superbowl contender. Next weeks game is going to be quite a test, and I CAN'T WAIT. If we shut down AP, we can do ANYTHING. Slayton ran over us today, which happens sometimes, but Peterson can't get away from us...we have to shut him down.
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