Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver Woes

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    SUMMARY: The revelation by the Tennessee Titans coaching staff that they plan to <a href="http://tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060801/SPORTS01/608010356/1027">use Ben Troupe in myriad ways</a> this upcoming season underlies what is no doubt concern over the inadequacy of their wide receivers. Their concern is warranted considering in Drew Bennett and David Givens they have two No. 2 receivers with no other receivers who look as if they are ready to make a significant impact on the season.


    What do you think about this article? Post your comments below.
  2. Ewker

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  3. Bulluckfan

    Bulluckfan Camp Fodder

    This is a great article though. Wade may well be a find there, but honestly, you need proven depth. Are we 4 deep? I don't know. I'd say we are 3 deep with Wade coming on like he has. He's a great slot weapon (he could be a Stoakley type WR). I think Wade makes the team easily, especially with this punt return ability.

    I agree that we have two number 2 WRs, but that's not a bad thing. You don't need a number one type WR. If you have 2 above average guys, and we do, you can have a solid passing game. Throw Troupe into the mix, and our passing game will be just fine. But what if someone gets hurt? What if Givens goes down, for instance? Or Bennett? Who can step into that role? We need consistency from our sophomores, Roby and Williams. Or we need Calico to step up and do his thing.
  4. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    I'm just going to give a reality check here.

    Here are the 4 teams in our division and their respective rankings:
    QB #25
    WR #31
    WR #45

    QB #1
    WR #8
    WR #9

    QB # 21
    WR #14
    WR #41

    QB #22
    WR #30
    WR #42

    If you think our WR's are going to cut it, you gotta be crazy, even the worst teams in our division have WR's better than us, and not only that, they have a better qb too. What we areliving on here is a dream. There's no evidence to support the fact that our #2's are stronger than anyone elses #1 and #2. It's just an ugly reality. On paper, we suck. I'm not saying I'm not hopeful tho'.
  5. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    i would say our offense could be second best in the division. until carr has enough time to find his receivers, they arent threats.

    fred taylor is injured all the time(like right now) and the jags have a bunch of second day picks and a fullback behind him on the depth chart. reggie williams, ernest wilford and matt jones dont scare many people. matt jones has potential, but so did calico.

    without looking at the stats i would be willing to bet money that david givens and drew bennet combined were better than jacksonville's top three combined. all we have to do is find someone to toat the rock for us, and we'll be set.
  6. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    which one of those teams is us ? (not #2 i bet)

    I'd have to like our options better than Jax
    it looks like Matt Jones will replace JImmy Smith
    with Ernest Wilford on the other side

    i'd rather go with Bennett and Givens there

    i would ,however, give HOU the nod (moreso if they get a line to block)
  7. fltitan

    fltitan Guest

    I think our receivers will be much better than many people think and we will have more depth than than we have had in the last 2 or 3 yrs. I believe Roby and Williams will be much better this year, I know we havent heard much about them but that coud be by design and we know what Jones can do when he is healthy. Although Calico is a question mark he still has a chance even if its a small one. These satitistics are a reflection of having to start a rookie almost every game last year and at times at the end of the season all the WR's on the field were rookies. Starting rookies at any position is difficult at best in the NFL and combine that with the fact our starting QB spent NO time working with them made their job even tougher. I think they did great last year under the circumstances and the experience they gained will help them make great improvement this year.
  8. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    We are the first team. The sad truth.

    1. Titans
    2. Indy
    3. Houston
    4. Jacksonville
  9. TitanJeff

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    The thing to keep in mind here is that the WRs are just a cog in the machine.

    If the Titans can't get the run game going, few WRs in the league would be very productive on this offense. If the defense can't keep games close, same deal. Defenses will keep two deep and we'll have the TEs leading the team in receptions again.

    I think this unit has the talent to be very effective but a lot of things beyond their control has to come together.
  10. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    I agree but the article was very misleading and inaccurate. Just goes to show how perverted views of statistics can give the wrong impression.

    First of all even bringing Wade into the equation is moronic. He only played in the last two games of the year, games that were meaningless and games the Titans played like doo doo. Add in that we had our third string QB playing a good part of the last game and it even gets more ridiculous.

    Secondly, our rookie WRs accounted for 65 catches for 887 yards last year. Thats a 13.6 YPC average. Those guys are in their 2nd year now.

    Thirdly, the offense was geared to throw alot to TEs and RBs and sure if we had Randy Moss our WRs could have looked better but a completed pass to a RB or TE is still a good play if it accomplishes the objective. The TEs caught 149 passes for 1359 yards. Our RBs caught 57 passes for 557 yards. Sure it would have been nice to have a guy like Mason out there catching some of those balls instead of a RB or TE but some teams don't throw as much to the RBs or TEs. I like spreading the ball around.

    Fourthly, we had alot of players catch the football last year because they were sharing snaps. If this was the Titans of old all the stats above would have been accumulated mostly by one RB, one TE and a couple of WRs. The final results would not have been better but it would look like we had better players. Imagine one rookie WR staying healthy all year, getting most of the snaps and having 65 catches for 887 yards last year. The guy would have been ROY material.

    Finally, the stats are perverted partly because we had drives stopped because of turnovers or penalties. That keeps the offense from getting into sink.
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