Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins Preview

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    SUMMARY: On Christmas Eve Day, the Tennessee Titans (4-10) will be in sunny Miami to take on the Dolphins (7-7) in a game only important in generating some positive momentum heading into the offseason. The Dolphins are riding a four-game winning streak and were 24-20 winners last week against AFC East rival the New York Jets. A tough season for the Titans would have done a 180 last week with a win against the NFC's best Seattle Seahawks but they fell 28-24 losing seven of their last nine games. Titans Coach Jeff Fisher needs to win one of their final two games to pass last year's 5-11 mark and give Titans fans some added Christmas joy.


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    based on my Madden game, the Titans will win 41-31, McNair throws for 4tds and 2ints along with about 300yds in passing..... Chris Brown goes for 106yds and 24 carries on the ground..... Bennett gets 6 catches, 2 tds, and 142 yds in recieving yardage..... Keith Bulluck answers back Pro Bowl voters with 9tkls, 2sks, 1ff, and 1int.
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