Tennessee offensive line sorting things out well

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky The Titans offensive line is a big reason why the team is 3-0 and atop the AFC South.
    A day after a 31-12 win over Houston, Jeff Fisher went out of his way to praise his linemen.
    Tennessee was on the field for 62 offensive plays, and Kerry Collins dropped back to pass 26 times.
    He wasn't sacked and game statisticians credited the Texans with one quarterback hit, by DeMeco Ryans. The line also paved the way for 154 rushing yards and a 4.3-yard rushing average.
    "We had 62 snaps yesterday and they pressured us over 50 percent with all kinds of stuff -- junk, twists, dogs, zone dogs, and we protected our quarterback, we sorted it out and we ran the ball effectively," Fisher said. "We knew we had to do that to have a chance. I thought the offensive line was exceptional yesterday."
    As the two teams the Titans will be fighting for the top spot in the AFC South, Indianapolis and Jacksonville, continue to deal with offensive line injury issues, Tennessee's has been healthy thus far.
    Underrated left tackle Michael Roos didn't do it all by himself, but Mario Williams had just five tackles, one for a loss, according to press box stats.

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