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    Not only does Poe's lack of College production bug me, but the philosophy behind drafting a guy in the first round that has to be"developed" really bothers me.

    Certain positions like QB and WR that have high learning curves and need time to develop are understandable in the first round. Offensive and defensive lineman should make an immediate impact if drafted in the first round since there is a very small learning curve. I am not comfortable picking guys like Brockers and Poe assuming ,that if given time, they'll develop into great players when they should already be showing comparable production in College.

    I'm sorry I played DE and TE throughout Pop Warner, High School and JC and I can assure the fundamentals are always the same when it comes to playing the offensive and defensive lines; they just don't change that much.

    Again, I can see drafting a QB or WR with massive upside, knowing full well that they are expected to have time to learn and develop. But taking lineman that should already know how to excel at the position they play who don't, just because they have physical talent scares me.

    And please don't try to point out JPP as an example to knock down my argument. It was clear that JPP knew how to pass rush and get to the QB in College he just hadn't had a large body of work. Brockers and Poe have displayed almost no ability to pass rush and that is what differentiates a first round talent on the D-line. If you want a run stuffer, draft them later, but in the first round the guy had damn well display the ability to get to the QB.