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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Ten_Titans, Aug 9, 2013.

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    Offensive Line- Grade: B+

    Chance Warmack and Andy Levitre certainly proved their worth in the first game. In one of the only positions where skill can be gauged in a small sample size, our two new guards certainly proved to me they have what it takes; opening massive seams and sealing the edge for CJ's long one. Michael Roos brings the grade down for being exposed twice and putting Locker in the dirt. However, if Roos is the weakest link thus far, our offensive line may have gone from the bottom of the barrel to the top. Lets not forget Roos has been our best lineman since the hay days of Kevin Mawae ended.

    Running Backs- Grade: B+

    Not much to be said here. My expectations for Chris Johnson have just gone up, he should have a great year. I felt it was only appropriate the backs had the same grade as the line. Also, look out for Jackie Battle; he may be the front runner for the third RB spot and may vie for playing time.

    Quarter Backs- Grade: C

    While futile I'm sure, I plea with Gotitans members to let the sample size increase on this one. Can Locker be our QB of the future? I don't know. And if you have a different answer to that question you are grasping. In my opinion, the coaches clearly wanted to test the running game. Heck, CJ actually played for two (however short) full drives. Two more than I expected. Did I want to see Locker come out and turn into a check down Sally? No, no one wanted to see that. But I implore any one of you negative Nancys to show me a starting QB who came out game 1 and immediately started throwing bombs. There were 5 or so plays where he had that opportunity. 1 pass was tipped, 2 times he has sacked, and the other 2 times he checked down. It happens. Let's not have this talk until the third preseason game.

    Wide Recievers- Grade: Incomplete

    I did not see enough passes to put a grade. On a pass-fail, I guess it would be fail. Wright had a drop on a third down, Britt had so-so hands, and Hunter had a bonehead move on one of the few times he was able to get open. Preston had a good game against the scrubs though.

    Tight Ends- Grade: Incomplete

    No Walker, no grade. I will say this though: Haters can hate... but Taylor Thompson is as good a blocker as you will see. He has the attributes to be a passing threat, too. As long as he keeps doing what he is doing in the running department, he can take his time figuring the rest out; he isn't going anywhere.

    Defensive Line- Grade: B

    Depth seems to be there this year. I thought the pressure was solid with the 4-man blitzes we saw with the first team. Morgan got a good push when he was in there (nice play in the backfield too). Klug brought the heat on Keith's boy 2 times in a row. I wish we saw more from Stephan Charles. Did he play? Never heard his name.

    Line Backers- Grade: B-

    Fokou had some nice hits. As did Brown. Coverage of tight ends has to improve. I'm getting tired of that crap. But overall, they will be what we thought they were, the best, deepest, positions on our roster.

    Defensive Backfield- Grade: D

    I am not giving out F's in the first game, but if they play this way in the third game: be worried. That huge amount of space is still there, and, just like last year, it was pitch and catch up the field. Griffin was MIA, and Pollard was too outside of a dumb penalty. Which would have seemed much less admirable and much dumber had it been a regular season game. There was no blitzing with the first team, but with 4 guys giving pressure it didn't matter with the "In your sleep" passes we were giving Cousins.

    Of note

    Give Mariani the early lead over Reynaud in return duties. With Reyanud showing what he can't do in the running game, and Battle playing well, I do not see us keeping a 4th RB. Add this to the fact Mariani has performed well in camp so far.
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    Pretty much nailed it IMO

    Before camp / preseason started, I didn't think that Mariani had a shot at this roster (assumed he would be a Ram by the start of the season) ... But now, I think he wins the job and wins it rather easily at this point.

    Like you mentioned, Reynaud doesn't really provide much other than as a returner. And while I doubt Mariani really sees the field as a WR, it seems like his camp is proving he is at least capable. You never know about injuries, so depth is crucial ... and right now Mariani is winning the depth battle. Not only becuase he provides more value to his position that Reynaud, but the injury to Walter will only help Mariani's case, and Battle is really putting a hurt on Reynaud's.

    I think I also prefer Mariani as a returner too. Don't get me wrong, D-Rey did a great job last year, but Mariani is a little more consitant. There were too many times when D-Rey would would field punts he shouldn't have. Mariani is very good at finding lanes and following his blocks too. So even if he doesn't appear to have a hole, he can still deceptively pick up a good 10-15 yard gain. Reynaud seems to be a little more boom or bust sometimes.
  3. Jwill1919

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    Stefan Charles did play, and quite a bit. He's easy to spot, he's the only DLineman lined up a full yard off the ball!! Fix that shi!!!
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