Ten Bold (and very early) Predictions For This Season

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Playmaker, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. The Playmaker

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  2. Riverman

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    No doubt. I'm feelin' it this year and it's been MANY years since I could say that this time of year!
  3. SlidePiece

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    It really was the Packers, Bears, Chargers, Vikings, and Texans. Looking akin to the '08 Lions in those games will hopefully make anyone rethink their strategy.
  4. mike75

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    A very different Titans team will take the field in 2013 one that looks and performs much better.it was almost as if the cupboard was bare here and now someone finally stocked us full.My question is why didn't Reinfeldt take a more active approach the last few seasons.After Webster took over it literally looks like we went from famine to feast as far as the roster goes and i think toward the end of last year lots of season ticket holders and many die hard fans were getting fed up with how things were run and how things were going with the team.

    If your trying to save money as a GM instead of trying to win then there is a very big problem there.The first ten years here were awesome but from 2009 through 2012 this team didn't perform well at all i lay that on the prior GM Mike Reinfeldt as i said saving money instead of trying to win.

    Now our new GM Ruston Webster has done more in one year than Reinfeldt did his whole time here.Webster has went out and stocked this team with some good talent filling in holes in a bunch of different positions.Andy Levitre was the most impressive because we needed to fill that spot on our line and we did it with the best lineman in free agency.He then got Chance Warmack and Chris Schwenke in the draft two of the best lineman at their respective positions.He pretty much has turned our line into one of the best in the league.

    This will help Jake Locker and Chris Johnson out immensely.He also brought in tight end Delanie Walker and Kevin Walter in free agency and Justin Hunter in the draft so there are also new targets for Locker.He brought in Shonn Greene to wear down defenses and get those short yardage gains on third down.It will also help keep C.J. more refreshed as the game goes along which will make him a very dangerous weapon once defenses get worn down by our powerful line and power back.

    On defense he has brought in hard hitting headhunter Bernard Pollard in free agency who brings a physical identity that the defense has been lacking for a couple years now.He also brought in Sammie Lee Hill from Detroit to beef up the front line and help stop the run.He brought in George Wilson for help at safety and to provide leadership.Ropati Pitoitua was brought in from Kansas City at defensive end.

    In the draft he brought us Blidi Wreh Wilson at cornerback ,Lavar Edwards at defensive end,Zaviar Gooden at OLB,Khalid Wooten at corner back and my favorite who reminds me of another seventh rounder who panned out big for us Daimian Stafford who says he loves to lay wood and thats what we need is a really feisty,aggressive,physical safety and maybe he will learn some more about laying wood from one of the best at it Bernard Pollard.

    We also brought in Gregg Williams for a second stint who was first here during our super bowl run over a decade ago and has recently coached another defense to a super bowl a couple seasons back.If he can put all the recent drama behind him and bring the fire and commitment he usually brings this defense will be a top ten unit.Jerry Gray definitely needs the help.

    Now for my bold predictions of what will happen if everything goes according to plan....

    1.This team will go 4-2 in division and 10-6 overall making the playoffs as a wild card.

    2.Chris Johnson returns to his 2008-2010 form and rushes for around 1,250 yards with a 5.0 average per carry.He will also have three more runs of over 80 yards bringing it to a total of 10 times in his career from the previous amount of 7 times.The most any other back has ran over 80 yards in a career is Barry Sanders who did it 4 times.

    3.Our time of possession on offense goes from worst to top five in the league.

    4.The defense should also holds it own and be much more physical also.I expect the run defense to get better with the addition of Sammie Lee Hill.

    5.With Gregg Williams helping Jerry Gray with the defense the whole unit should improve from one of the worst to a very respectable ranking inside the top ten.

    6.We will now be much better in our division and we will split the division series with Houston.

    7.I think both the Texans and Titans end up at 10-6 and both will also have the same division record which will make the division be determined by tiebreaker scenarios.

    8.The Indy Colts will go 8-8 this season.


    Big Nasty is scwenke, or shmankman or whatever.
  6. The Playmaker

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    Well looking back at the schedule again I still see a 4-3 start but probably 3-4. Then after the bye we could close out the season at 10-6. Sweep the Jags and split the rest of the division there are 4 wins right there. Jets, Chiefs, Cards, and Raiders I'm putting a W down. So that's 8 wins now. We could even have a possible sweep of the Colts or Texans if we could steal a road game but if not we have the Steelers, Chargers, and Rams games that we could win. Take 2 our of those 3 and boom we're at 10. Basically, if we can get 4 wins in the first 7 weeks then we're looking pretty good.
  7. The Hammer

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    Ah, I should have known lol


    You are right though. Warmack starting is a no brainer.
  9. CinciREborn

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    A different titans team? Don't belittle these guy. Ya coming off a rough season but 2 seasons ago titans were 9-7. This is a very good team. Just gotta get a few things in order and titans will be flying. On paper jake locker has one of if not the most dynamic group of weapons around him
  10. titan_fan_4ever

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    I hear what your saying, but I have to expect better then 3-4 and maybe better than even 4-3 if we really want playoffs. We SHOULD be rocking a totally new offense and defense. Sure all teams will modify there own and might be running a new scheme as well, but more often 'upsets' happen early on when there is little tape to study and that aura of 'anything can happen' is more prominent.

    Also, people are expecting SF/SEA to dominate, which I mean they should. But saying that, I don't know why, but I can see one of them falling off. The QB sophomore slump is not out of the question, so we'll have to wait and see if it hits them (this also applies to Indy and DC).

    I guess you could throw in Tenn in that lot as well, but I'm not sure how much worse Lock could be...
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