Ten Bold (and very early) Predictions For This Season

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    Okay work with me here, it's exam week and I've been studying non stop and I need a break. If I look at anymore notes about advertising I'm going to throw my chair out the window so I decided to do 10 predictions for this upcoming season and try to make them more interesting than "we will be better" blah blah blah stuff so okay let's get to it. Also, let's not act like there won't be a hundred more of these kind of threads before the season starts so who cares if it's only April.

    1. Your Tennessee Titans will make the playoffs:

    Okay look, 2 years ago I don't think we're afraid to say we overachieved looking back at that season. Last year was a bit more accurate when looking at coaching, talent level, depth, leadership from all levels, and roster decisions. So let's go ahead and look at this off season so far. We brought in the top OG available in Levitre and the very versatile Delanie Walker comes in as an UPGRADE over Cook. I say upgrade not from a talent standpoint but from what Walker will actually do instead of the what Cook could do for us. Then throw in some other signings like Greene, Hill, and Pollard who will make bigger impacts on this team than we can really think of right now. Greene actually gives us a capable back up RB to CJ and who can pick up those pesky 3rd and shorts. Hill is a big boy who finally gives us a space eater and does well against the run game. Then Pollard brings everything Griffin doesn't or can't at the Safety position, I think those 2 guys will spell each other nicely. Yes, we signed George Wilson but I still think he came here to quietly finish his career up close to his home and family and I really don't expect much from the guy. He's a very good locker room presence and will get some playing time but he's here for support and depth. Okay anyway, obviously this season depends on Locker. All we've done to help him succeed is upgrade the OL to possibly top 5 in the NFL, add a more consistent and versatile TE, another talented deep threat at WR, and hey we're getting back to Titans football with the power run game. Guys, we're not going to be seeing Locker run around like a chicken with it's head cut off because our 3rd string OL being a mess as usual while Locker is also dealing with injuries. It's put up or get out for Locker now, no more excuses. He has the talent, the talent around him, and an OC who is going to implement an offense more to his style. For us to be such crap last year we still pulled out a 7-9 record, so think about this. For as bad as we were last year and with all the improvements and additions this year, where does that put us? Sweep of the Jags? Split of the Colts? The ball bouncing our way a couple more times than usual? A lot has to go right but hey this is only #1.

    2. You're going to see 4 starters week 1 from this draft class:

    -Chance Warmack: Wins the OG job, not too hard.
    -Justin Hunter: Still think Nate is gone and even if he's not these guys love Hunter, he's getting on the field.
    -Blidi Wreh-Wilson: Titans are wanting press CB's for the defense, he fits. Also really talented player, will turn some heads.
    -Brian Schwenke: Sorry Velasco, if the Titans couldn't pass him up then how much do they value you?

    3. You'll see a more dynamic Kendall Wright:

    Very frustrated watching the Titans this past year and not see them utilize Wright the...right way. This guy needs to be out in space, in the open with the ball. He shouldn't be stuck doing short routes and getting no YAC. He can even run deep routes contrary to popular belief about this guy. Expect Loggains to not only work the offense around Locker but to find a better and correct role for Wright.

    4. Kamerion Wimbley hits double digit sacks

    Okay we all know about Wimbley, love him or hate him he's the best pass rushing DE we have on this team currently. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt since 1. he was more accustomed to a 3-4 defense and 2. he had no help on defense. He got worn out a lot because he didn't have a quality back up, no one else was getting enough pressure to warrant attention from the offense, and QB's were able to get their passes off quicker than anyone getting to the QB. Expect changes this year. Sounds like we're bringing in another DE, the addition of Hill will take on some guys, Morgan is continuing to improve, Gregg Williams will find ways to get Wimbley to the QB, and oh our DB's are going to be better as well. He had 6 sacks last year, I'm expecting at least 8 but let's throw in a crazy game or 2 and give him 10.


    Hey we're not going to be the most popular team but fans are going to be able to name some of our players. Expect some pro bowlers from this group. Levitre being a top Guard could get him selected, Chris Johnson behind our revamped OL will boost his numbers, Wimbley could if I nail my #4 prediction, hello future star in Zach Brown, and for the hell of it let's say Kenny Britt stays healthy (spoiler alert). There are a few guys that could actually be playing some extra football this year so hey people might actually know us now.

    6. Kenny Britt, where have you been?

    Okay yeah spoiler from my last point but considering this is his contract year and I would think he wants to get paid expect a much better (dare I say living up to his potential) Kenny Britt. It's amazing how talented this guy is when not on the sidelines and not running from the cops (unless you clock his speed). If he can be successful with Hasselbeck throwing the ball and the likes of those past QB's then I think Locker is going to be able to connect with him a few times. He'll definitely be motived to perform better but health? We'll see.

    7. A different Titans team

    This isn't really a bold prediction, or even prediction but it feels like this team is going to come in with a new attitude. We signed some guys that are going to make big impacts, some leaders, and players that will give us that much needed attitude change. We brought in the perfect mix of vet experience and talent. Then throw in our draft filled with crazy good athletes and high characters guy and boom we have a squad. It seems like the coaching staff finally got their heads out of their...and finally want to win some games and Webster has been down right brilliant since becoming GM. This is a team built to win now and built for the future. I love the interviews I've seen so far with the coaches, new guys, and Locker himself and I have a positive feeling going into this year. I know not many people are going to get this comparison but I'm a huge Red Sox fan as well and it's kind of eery how similar our off seasons have been. The Red Sox brought in the right coach who is going to shake things up, signed the not so flashy guys but the ones who fit in their system and will help win more games, and then guys who are leaders and good for the locker room. For the Titans that would be Gregg Williams, take your pick at FA, and guys like Levitre and Pollard. The "experts" weren't too excited about the Sox chances because the didn't bring in the high profile guys but hey they have the best record right now. I'm not saying the Titans are going to be champions or anything but since we never get respect we'll be the surprise team this year.

    8. Taylor Thompson improves mightily

    He'll be playing across from Walker eventually this year. Turns out his blocking skills are better than we thought and he's a pretty athletic and fast guy but needs to work on actually being that receiving threat for us. Another off season and camp is going to help him big time and eventually the improvements in his game as practice and the season goes on eventually puts him over Stevens, who let's face it, is a blocking TE with limited play in the receiving game.

    9. CJ almost 2K

    It is my belief we're getting back to the old Titans football and will be playing the game of, "We're going to run the ball here so try and stop us" so even though it may a bit boring in Madden on the real football field CJ will be breaking loose and Greene will be fighting for valuable yards and giving CJ an actual rest. Expect some sort of old school mentality with the new school formations we're starting to see (if that makes any sense whatsoever) and we'll probably going to get something similar to the 49ers offense but a bit more heavy on the run. This is not saying that there is no faith in Locker but when you invest this much in the OL, a versatile TE who can actually block well, and a RB known for pounding it up the middle then you can see where I'm coming from. Eat the clock, give the defense a break, and with a lead it's be hard to give up...hopefully.

    10. Munchak and Locker will return after this year

    Hey that's what happens when you make the playoffs and even possibly advance a round...or 2.

    Sorry for the ultra long post and possibly one of the more homer posts ever in gotitans.com history. Actually please join me in the homerism, I'm getting lonely. Oh and if at one point I start not to make sense umm idk I've barely slept in 2 days I'm not proof reading this so if you have a problem with something go step on a lego barefoot.
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    That's betting against the entire idea of this team lately.. And I love it. We can all hope that this is the scenario that comes about... Lol of course it's all unlikely but damnit this is my TITANS and I want a winning season!
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    People really shouldn't get their hopes up on CJ getting close to 2k. It's hard even with a monster line, we don't know how good our line will be and you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.
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    He hit 1,200 yards despite having quite a few crap games. I think it's entirely possible he can get to 1,500 maybe a little more. I definitely don't think he'll get 2k but we'll see the old CJ imo next year, or at least statistically.
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    He'll be sharing carries with Greene.
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    There are so many dynamic players on offense that I'm actually having trouble keeping tabs on all of them. When was the last time the Titans had 4 true WR threats? Britt, Wright, Washington and Hunter (if used properly) should all be explosive next year. I am expecting big things from Delanie Walker, not just in the passing game...but as a valuable run blocker. I'm starting to think that we have more offensive fire power than any other team in the AFC South.
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    I agree with most of what you said with the exception of Wimbley.. I think you meant to type Morgan.
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    I like most of it. But Schwenke isn't going to start for about a season, at least.

    He'll be solid eventually, but you guys are over-rating him at this point.
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    I think 1,600 yards for :cj: is realistic. And we should be happy with it.
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    I agree. Velasco has at least one more year.