Tardiness not factor in Bironas miss

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    Titans kicker Rob Bironas arrived on the field later than the rest of his special-teams teammates during a failed first-quarter field-goal attempt, prompting some to wonder if Bironas had misplaced his helmet.

    Not so, said Titans coach Mike Munchak.

    “He was warming up, hitting another kick with it being early in the game,” Munchak said. “But he was out there in plenty of time. That didn’t factor into us making or missing the kick.”

    What did factor into the miss was 6-4, 315-pound Jets defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson, a player the Titans had in for a visit prior to the 2011 draft. It was Wilkerson who got his hand on Bironas’ kick.

    “It was just pressure up the middle,” Munchak said. “We knew that big boy we had in here, Wilkerson … has long arms. He’s a guy that’s had some success this year. He got some push, got his hand up and got a piece of it.”

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