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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NYTitansFan, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. NYTitansFan

    NYTitansFan Guest

    tank signed a 1 year deal with the vikes according to someone over at titans central

    i liked tank and i think we made a mistake not resigning him. now watch him be big for the vikings
  2. SARGO127

    SARGO127 Starter

    Damn, Im going to miss him as well. Hes young and I think if we gave him a little more time...ah idk
  3. NYTitansFan

    NYTitansFan Guest

    i hope i get over this soon because i really liked tank.......i got to go cry now:cry: jk lol
  4. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    I'm not sure he will ever get his wheels back.
  5. NYTitansFan

    NYTitansFan Guest

    we should have at least gave him 1 more year to see if he proves himself than give him the boot if he does not prove himself. because what if he ends up just like vanden bosch comeing off a injury than just explodes
  6. Titantonic

    Titantonic Camp Fodder

    He has never been more than average. Nice guy and all, but no great loss on the football field.
  7. I wish him luck, but I'm glad he's not coming back. He hasn't done squat since his rookie season.
  8. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    I'd like to hear what elfinmagic53 has to say.
  9. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    You'd be the only one.
  10. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    why? She's not so bad. Stop being a hater! :ha:
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