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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Mrs, May 17, 2007.

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    Grossman was a dominating QB last year in about half his games. Unfortunately for him the other half of the games he was darn lousy. Still, when your QB throws for over 3000 yards with 23 TDs on a team not exactly blessed with tons of WR talent and you manage to only get 4 of the 262 completions Grossman threw for the year I wouldn't blame it all on the QB.

    It is hard to believe that Roby and Williams regressed that much last year from their rookie years where they had decent numbers. Much of the drop off was do to there simply not being that many passes out there to go around. In actuality Roby and Williams suffered more because of the lack of productivity at QB on the Titans than Gage did on the Bears.
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    hmm Gage had 4 catches in two games and nothing else in 6 others (only active for 8).

    Where was he on the Bears depth chart?
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    I'd have never figured you as a chaps & tea bag kind of girl.:))

    Elfin no,don't trade your 24ct gold in for the aforementioned 6ct green mold crap :suspect:
  4. very low
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    Cut him...........he couldn't make it at Chicago which had little depth and talent behind Moose and Berrian.
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    Mark Bradley the Bears #3 would probably be battling for our #1 wideout job if he was on the Titans roster. That's three pretty decent WR's ahead of Gage (how much depth are you expecting they Bears to have a wideout). They also have Rashied Davis who's not too shabby.
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    Sign Gatlin for special teams....that 3.8 40 time is amazing ;)
  9. This picture kinda reminds me of a number of Titans-Browns games over the years...
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