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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TitanKid4Life, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. does anyone have any tips for studying because i have exams this week and i really want to do well on them because i havent in the past at all, and please dont say something like get off this site or something smart elec, please help
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    No, seriously, get off this site. You don't need to be here this week. Hard to give too many tips, you have to figure out what works for you. If you can actually get work done in groups, study with other people. If you can't, stay by yourself. You can't get the grades without putting the time in, especially at your school. I made it through, my best advice would be eliminate distractions, and put the time in.
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    What he said basically. There isn't a magical study tip anyone can give you that will improve your grades/exam scores. Anyone who succeeds at the college level will tell you simpily need to remain focused, avoid excessive distractions, build some discipline, and most of all, learn what works and what doesn't,

    Seriously, theres nothing anyone can tell you this late in the game how to study hard. Good studying is just a habit of discipline and focus. Because you have finals now, just turn everything else out and just do it, as cliched as that is. You want to do this well, all you gotta do is force yourself to focus on your work. That simple brah; good luck.
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  5. Just do the ''bitesize'' method, revise for 20 minutes, take a short break - play a sport or something physical, don't just lounge around, then do another chunk of 20 minutes etc, worked for me...
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    If you practice good habits from the first day of the semester, take notes in class, do all your required reading, studying, homework, papers, etc, through the course of the semester, you won't find yourself in catch-up mode later on. Do all the right things to stay current throughout the semester and then all you have to do for finals is brush up with a quick review of your notes taken earlier. Rule of thumb: spend two hours of work/study outside of class for each hour of classtime.

    It worked for me (BBA, <i>magna cum laude</i>, 3.7/4.0 GPA).

    Here's a football analogy: do your job in the first three quarters and you should be in good shape to win or clinch the game in the fourth quarter.
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    Here's what worked for me when I was working on my advanced nursing degree. At the beginning of each chapter there was a box that listed the objectives of the chapter and usually either at the front or end of each chapter was a list of questions. I always wrote each question out and answered it. You have to break each chapter down into manageable parts and the book usually helps guide you. If there are highlighted words, write them down and look up the meaning and write them down. If all else fails do an outline for each chapter.

    It may be too late, but in the future make sure you read the beginnig of semester silibus and read each chapter that you are going to cover over the semester. Don't try to memorize or study, just read it. You will be surprised how much you remember. I partied a lot with my fellow nursing students and sometimes I didn't have time to study properly and these tips helped me pass.
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