Stewart struggled with penalties in 2012

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    Just like any other statistic, the amount of penalties a team takes – or doesn’t take – can have a significant impact on wins and losses.

    In looking back over the penalty numbers for the Titans in 2012, I found a few nuggets of interest. Here’s a closer look at three of them:

    In terms of penalties, starting right tackle David Stewart had what would have to be considered the worst year of his career. Despite playing in just 12 games, Stewart was whistled for a team-high eight penalties.

    Maybe even more surprising, Stewart – who’d only been flagged for holding once in each of his six previous years – was whistled four times for holding in his 12-game 2012 season. None of the other regulars on the Titans offensive line last year (Michael Roos, Steve Hutchinson, Fernando Velasco and Leroy Harris) were called for more than one hold.

    Cornerback Tommie Campbell, despite seeing almost all of his action on special teams, still finished tied for fourth on the team with six penalties called on him. All six penalties – which included two illegal blocks above the waist and two holds – came during special teams plays.

    Unfortunately for Campbell, the numbers were similar to his rookie season in 2011, when he had a team-high seven penalties called against him – again, all on special teams. Three of those 2011 flags were for unsportsmanlike conduct.

    On the other end of the spectrum is cornerback Alterraun Verner, who, despite playing a total of 1,235 snaps last year (1,046 on defense and 189 on special teams), was whistled for just one penalty – a pass interference call. Verner has been called for just six penalties in his three-year career, and last year’s pass interference marked the only time he’s been flagged for that offense.

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    If you want to analyze Stewart's penalties I am sure there is a direct correlation between the numbers of penalties he had and the amount of support he recieved from the other linemen on the Titan's. I think that is why he finally got injured. . . .

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    Stewart was born with a yellow flag, that guy gets more penalties than anyone not named Tony Brown.
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