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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Craig Stevens learned the Titans have plenty of faith in him as their third tight end when they added Chris Simms as their third quarterback.
    When the Titans picked up a backup to Kerry Collins, they had to let someone go. And instead of receiver Paul Williams, receiver Chris Davis or tackle Mike Otto, it was tight end Dwayne Blakley.
    "It's more reps for me in practice, I just get more prepared and I'm excited to be put in a spot to get a great opportunity to play and keep on working hard," Stevens said.
    Blakley was inactive for the opener. But it's one thing to have him around as insurance behind Stevens, and another to go with just three tight ends. The Titans cut backup fullback Casey Cramer, who also did some tight end work, when they trimmed the roster to 53.
    Stevens was sad to see a friend let go, but said he knows Blakley's departure means he better hold up his end. The third-rounder out of Cal played one snap on offense against the Jaguars -- as part of the goal line package he was on the field for LenDale White's 1-yard touchdown run.
    Beyond that, he knows he's a special teamer and said he'll continue to work hard at that while waiting for chances on offense.
    "I'm right there, I'm ready to go in, give a guy a breather," he said. "And you never know, football is a crazy sport."

Thread Status:
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