Steve Mcnair..then and now..

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. Gunny

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    when did I get pissed?
  2. MsTitan

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    If the Titans draft Matt Lienert and he starts the season. Say they release McNair. If he had, Bennett, Calico and 3 rookie WRs as well as running back that suspended for drugs and another that can't stay healthy combined with an average offensive line AND a rookie OC. I say that he won't make it the second game because he would be carried off on a stretcher. It would be David Carr reinvented and I for one think Carr is a GREAT QB. Lienert definitely has potential but the odds would be stacked against him. So basically what I am saying is who you have under center isn't the problem, McNair, Volek, etc., the results would have been similar. Given Leinerts lack of mobility I say he would not faired as well as McNair. You may say he can throw a deep ball, but you need time to do that and he would not have had it playing with what McNair had last season.
  3. theprizdfighter

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    If we draft Leinart it won't be like Carr's crash in Texas.
    One. He'll have Givens in addition to Bennett and Calico.
    Two. The three rookies WR's won't be rookies.
    Three. Henry won't have a to serve any suspentions for drugs any more. He has restructured his contract to an incentive contract and he is focused for this year.
    WHICH MEANS that our injury proned RB Brown won't have to carry the load as much in the beginning of the season and get banged up. Henry and Brown can split time, gain yards, and open up the passing game for Leinart (in this case) or whoever we have starting.
    Four. With the addition of Mawae, possibly Ashworth, and then drafting some depth at O-Line, it won't be that average, and even if it is average.

    I think the odds would be for Leinart if he comes here and starts from day one. He's already spent three years in Chow's offense, so he knows it like the back of his palm. He'd just have to adjust to the speed of the game and NFL defense. Leinart could start from day one in Tennessee and not play like a rookie.
  4. Soxcat

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    I guess I miss the whole point of this thread. Is it:

    1. McNair is good enough to lead this team at QB for the next couple of years and thus we don't have to use our #3 pick on a QB or
    2. McNair has regressed to his 1999 passing form and now cannot run either so we need to hurry and get a new QB in here.

    Which is it Tide?
  5. Riverman

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    Hmmm. Errrhhh. Baa haa haa haaa.:ha:

    Wait a minute. Were you for real?:hmm:
  6. MsTitan

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    That is exactly my point. Last year McNair didn't have a chance and anyone expecting him to do more with less is being unfair. If Leinert does take over for Tennessee then he has the benefit of an upgraded offensive line, WRs who have a year of experience. A true #1 receiver in givens and a proven #2 in Bennett as well as like you said a running game and Chow's second not first season. If he had to produce in last year's offense he would not have been successful. That is the point of thread and that is my intention. To state a case for McNair that noone would have been successful in the situation he was put in. Is McNair aging, yes. Is he done, not at all. Is last year a reflection of his ability, some people say yes, I say no.
  7. Brian

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    Not likely, but he's got the best chance at early success in that scenario out of the three QB's. But that's not why I'd draft him.
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