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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Johnnyrex, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Obie09

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    we need to really hit well on most of our draft picks the next two years..and for once make a positive free agent signing, not an old washed up lineman or a hybrid LB..
  2. Serjio

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    We have a long way to go......
  3. Ghost

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    We have been rebuilding for the past what... 8 years? I've honestly lost count. At least the better part of the past decade and you can't really blame people for getting tired of it. I mean sooner or later this decade of rebuilding has to pay off right?

    What does this team really need? We have a good young QB, one of the best runningbacks, good wide outs, some decent tight ends, seen some positives from our D line over the past couple of weeks, good young linebackers and good young corners.

    Perhaps the fact that the word "young" was used to many times in the above paragraph may explain our situation. Guys are gonna need a little time to gel and become wiser veterans. If we could beef up our offensive line and get a good safety, I think we have the talent to contend.

    I just don't know if we have the coaches. Munch is a good guy been with us for a while, but was he really qualified to be the HC? Palmer was **** canned, Gray needs to be.. It wouldn't surprise me if they were all gone at the end of the season and we were left "rebuilding" again with a new coaching staff.
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    We went through a rebuilding phase, that accomplished a playoff game with KC at the helm. The QB situation restarted everything. 2 years ago, we went into full rebuilding mode and drafted (hoepfully) our future QB for the next decade.

    As for what we need

    QB - Locker may be able to be the guy, but may not, No one knows, so its a ??? right now
    RB - CJ has shown he can still be effective, but we still need another RB.
    WR - this is one things that surprises me. Most people think we are okay here, and I think the complete opposite. I dont want to go out and draft one, but I would like to make an impact in the FA and get a top named WR here. Im tired of the "next year Britt" comments. Its always next year, has been since his first year. If he works out, its a bonus but relying on him would be a HUGE mistake by this organization. Washington is a #2 at best, and Wright is not the deep threat we need on this team. (which people hope Britt is)
    TE - Cook will be franchised we hope, but even he has his issues.

    The problem with our offense is they are inconsistent.

    Upgrades Id like to see on offense.

    WR, TE, G, C. And the T's are still not off the hook, they have regressed. Maybe the scheme, maybe its them.

    Thats the entire offense and IF Locker works out

    As for defense, not sold at all. Its great that we can hold Miami to 3 and all, but in the playoffs, we will be facing teams like Houston, Pats, Broncos, and other high powered offenses. I said after the 7 game stretch that we would "all of a sudden start looking better" because we played inferior teams. Thats what is happening now.

    Upgrades Id like to see on defense

    Safety (derp)
    CB - We need another good CB, or to improve our pass rush greatly. Woudl rather improve the pass rush. This gets taken off if we upgrade the pass rush significantly.
    LB - Someone to replace Colin. Same as Britt, cant hold our hopes on a what if. Ayers and Brown are fine, need one more even if they arent a top LB. Would be great if he was
    DL - Not much to question here
    DE - Same, not much to question here

    Thats the entire defense lol

    I believe we can and will show improvement next season, however itll be 2 years before we are a playoff team and a LOT has to go well in the draft and FA and retaining our players, which also rarely happens.

    Then again, if Locker doesnt work out... were going to have to find a QB in 2 years.

    We are on the edge of becoming one of "those" teams. Potential is great, results are what is needed.
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    Also, before anyone gets bent out of shape. Some of our players could be more consistent/get more experience and fill the roles that are needed. I was just pointing out areas in which we need improvement.
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    at least we have a solid QB in locker he is still a rook in games played wise and i think he is going to be like mcnair and we have a great RB and a very good LB corp and WR corp we just need to build our O-Line back and some on the D-Line
  7. Joe_C0oL

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    Yeah the Browns have drafted very well, heck Wright's teammate at Baylor Josh Gordon is outperforming him and he was drafted in the 2nd round of the supp draft. Much like the Titans, the Browns have a coach who heavily relies on the defense to hold leads instead of going for the kill. As far as the titans go, they need to put some work on this offensive line, some pass rushers and some safeties. Also an innovative OC to maximize the talent on the field. We need some great drafts these next couple of years or it's going to get very ugly.

    sidenote - Rumor out of Cleveland is that Tom Heckert may be replaced. Horrible move considering he's drafted some solid players such as Joe Haden, Billy Wynn, Phil Taylor, Josh Gordon, Mitchell Schwarts, Brandon Weeden, TJ Ward and Jabaal Sheard. Eventhough we just hired a new GM why not at least take a look at him.
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