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  1. A living legend. Staff

    SUMMARY: Titans CB Pacman Jones' status for today's game against the Texans is uncertain. A Metro Police detective on Saturday cited Jones with a misdemeanor assault charge from an incident on Thursday night where Jones is accused of spitting in the face of Krystal Webb, 21, after a verbal exchange at Club Mystic on Second Avenue North. "I had a long talk with Pac, and he regrets that he has been involved in an incident that is a distraction for the team," Jones' attorney said. "The team is the most important thing for him and he apologizes to the organization, the coaching staff and his teammates for the distraction. Pacman is aware that he may not dress for the game (today). But he is going to do whatever Coach Fisher asks him to do." Fisher has yet to decide if Jones will play on Sunday. Earlier this week, Fisher informed LB Rob Reynolds that would not play in today's game based on a domestic assault charge from last weekend.

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  2. zackmann

    zackmann Guest


    he better play today...

    Every andre johnson fantasy owner is holding thier breath that he doesn't play...

    without pacman, our defense is going to be in trouble...
  3. TNThunder

    TNThunder Guest

    Since Reynolds has been suspended and his wife did NOT press charges, it's going to be difficult for Fisher to be consistent with this and let PAC play. Talk about bad timing.
  4. Vigsted

    Vigsted Starter

    I think he should play today if there's any doubt about his involvment and what actually happened, and then sit him for next weeks game if it turns out he did something wrong.
  5. I think that is what should happen as well, couldn't have said it any better...
  6. zackmann

    zackmann Guest

    pacman is such a difficult player to have on our team from a fan's perspective...

    he is very talented and has the ability to be one of the premier cover corner's in the league...

    our defensive is better with him on the field, if for no other reason b/c we made personel moves with the assumption he is on the field playing...

    he clearly has as much fire and emotion on defense as anyone on our team...

    he is a great punt returner...


    he can't stay out of trouble...

    he says the stupidest things...

    off the field is a walking disaster...

    as a die hard titans fans, he is making me nervous and giving me lots of angst...

    Though, I will say this sounds like a set up...the girl put the spit in a baggie? WTF? I hope this is all a setup...God, I hope...
  7. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    john clayton just said on sports center "it looks like he will be active"
  8. zackmann

    zackmann Guest

    thank goodness
  9. The Mrs

    The Mrs Crush on Casey Starbucks!

    The players are upset because at this point it's an accusation that Pac denies. Can anyone accuse a player and he have to sit out a game?
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