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    I agree its not all about the coach. However, part of changing a coach is changing his ideas on player selection. A new coach will bring fresh ideas on system and drafting, and therefore new players.

    Munch got 3 years with no sign of progress, the next coach should be given time to inbed, however there needs to be signs of progress.
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    I just hope we get a new coach with a plan. ANY PLAN. Munchak's teams always felt like a rudderless ship with no identity. One of the most irritating things about it.

    Not an air attack team, not a powerful running team. Not a ballsy blitzing defense... No identity.
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    I don't see much point in rehashing Munch but to say this team was not better than last is to ignore reality. Also, the GM heads the draft and while it's too soon to judge, the last two appear to be pretty solid so far.

    I get that the progress wasn't as fast as needed but, I believe, more talent has to be added for ANY coach to see success.
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    His plan was what we saw in the Jags win. But for plans to become reality for a full season, the talent has to be there to make it happen. It wasn't.
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    Dude what are you talking about? Locker sucks healthy or deathly ill. He's almost VY bad.
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    Chip Kelly took the 4 win Eagles to 10 wins and a division title in one season with largely the same roster. Stop making excuses.
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    I believe it is just as fair to say the talent is there but it wasn't developed. And that was Munchak's and his assistants responsibility. The O-line is the biggest example of that.
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    It's tough to see which is the problem, until they are separated. It's true that the players are a majority of what makes a coach successful, but then you see teams like the chiefs who did a complete 180 in one season. You see harbaugh in SF, etc.

    I see your point, but I also see how and why the coach's head rolls when things aren't going the way they should.

    Sure, if he were handed manning, he would look like a coaching genius. He made Jim Caldwell, a total clinically defined moron, look like a competent coach for a time. But we all know the hand munch was dealt, it wasn't a great one, but he in no way made the best out of these players. And that's enough for me, personally.

    I welcome a change. If the titans were 2-14 this year, I wouldn't be any more down on the franchise than I am now.
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    Really good assessment of Jakes "statement year" if you ask me. He was showing some promise, but nothing that made me think he was anything morre than a serviceable game manager. History show that you rarely ever become successful as a winning organization in the long run with a QB like that (yeah there were a few times it worked - Trent Dilfer comes to mind). I honestly am not all that convinced that we would have been much better with Locker in at QB the entire year, at most we may have won a game or two more and if we had a first round exit from the playoffs would have been almost a lock. For all the people clamoring that Munchak suffered the misfortune of losing Locker, we'll never know if that is a legit excuse, but I am of the opinion that it eally wouldn't have made a huge difference.

    Since we have Locker under contract for another year he certainly should be in the mix for starting when a new regime takes over, but I sure hope the Titans draft a possible QB of the future in the draft and look hard at any possible free agent options.
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