State Of The Franchise, Both Past & Present;

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by GrandMajesty1, Jul 27, 2013.

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    I have read many of your comments and the reply's to.....At least on this site, this fan board is more realistic and honest, without all the rah, rah, BS.....I, as a die hard alike, appreciate intelligent and direct.....

    After reading this, many of you will reply with what everyone most always says about certain players and coaches from our past, but this is straight forward and to the point "why" the Titans are where they are here in 2013:

    In my humbled opinion, and this is just "my opinion;"

    Since the Oilers came officially to Nashville in 1998, and turned into the Tennessee Titans in 1999, the saddest aspect regarding this professional football franchise is the fact that they should've already won at least (5) Superbowls, and appeared in at least (9) as both the Oilers and Titans.....1979,1991,1992,1993,1999,2000,2002,2003 and 2008.....

    The Oilers and Titans have had some of the most "talented" teams in ALL of Pro Football during those respected years of "great teams." The Dallas Cowboys should have faced the Oilers at least (2) times in the early 90's, with the Oilers winning at least (1) of those Championships...The Titans should've beat the Rams in 1999, went on to beat the Giants the following year in 2000, and at the very least faced and beat the Cardinals in 2008.....

    The fans and city of Nashville are long overdue for a Superbowl Championship, and the excuses have been all but exhausted.....The many, many mistakes this franchise and it's owner Bud Adams have made keys on keeping teams from previous successful seasons together, and more importantly coaching staff.....

    Jared Cook, Cortland Finnegan, Derrick Mason, Stephen Tulloch, Jason Jones, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Tony Brown, and (yes), Albert Haynesworth....all players that should've and could've been retained:

    Jim Washburn should've never been let go, and more importantly had his role promoted into Defensive Coordinator, since he single handed transformed the Titans D-Line starting in 1999 to a championship level...he was the sole reason why Jevon Kearse, Tony Brown, Jason Fish, Josh Evans, Robaire' Smith, John Thorton and "Big" Albert Haynesworth transformed their games into Pro Bowl levels.....

    IF "he" had in fact stayed with Haynesworth, Albert's career more than likely would've been saved...Finnegan, Tulloch, Jones and Jared Cook should also still be on the team....Jared Cook was a "true" find like many other's before him in past Titans drafts, having and still having Super Star written all over him. Not paying him (or) working the right deal out for a slightly older, seemingly solid, but beneath his level player in Delaine Walker is another safe and cheap move.....I think many fans, both 49ers and Titans alike, just appreciate the role Walker played in San Fran, but thinking he is an upgrade over Cook is just plain "wishful thinking."

    Jeff Fisher, like many coaches before him with long tenures, may have moved on regardless, but Fisher is still in the prime of his coaching career. The way Adams handled the front office and Vince Young drafting and personality in general, really helped push Fisher out five years prematurely.....Fisher stayed with this franchise for almost 18 years, and had the "most" success than any coach before him since 1960, bringing this franchise to it's "first and only" Superbowl appearance, and almost winning it.....We hope that Mike Munchak can do what Fisher didn't get the chance, to do.....

    The Tennessee Titans, like Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts (during the Manning era), had every opportunity to stake it's claim during the last past ten years to be called one of the "great teams" in the AFC and Pro Football for that matter, and like many talented musicians and Hollywood Stars alike, have inherited the dreaded curse of a self-destructive personality, blessed with so much talent and never knowing how to capitalize on opportunity when it presented itself in front of those Columbia Blue uniforms for many years now.....
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    I think the problem was obvious. The Ravens had the Titans number except for one playoff game and a field goal that cleared by inches.
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    You forget one thing. There is such a thing as a salary cap. If we keep all those players the rest of our team would be practice squad scrubs. This is t basketball where a couple players can win you a championship. You need a full team in football.
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    The salary cap is huge. We didn't release Jared Cook, Cortland Finnegan, Derrick Mason, Stephen Tulloch, Jason Jones, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Tony Brown, and Albert Haynesworth for no reason.. we let them go because we could not afford them. Those are the decisions you have to make as an organization.. which players to keep and which to cut.

    Take 2011 for an example: Both Griffin and Finnegan's contracts were expired, and both wanted large pay raises. We could only afford to keep one. We know now that Griffin was the wrong choice, but it was the choice they made at the time when both players were playing at a pro-bowl level. You win some you lose some, sucks, move on. That's the same reason why we lost all your aforementioned players.. not because we didn't want them, but because we can't keep everyone.

    I honestly believe Walker will be an upgrade to Cook. Cook couldn't block worth a damn, and he was a stubborn diva TE who thought he was the next superstar TE. Walker has much better character, and still has good athleticism. The only thing I'm worried about are his hands, but hopefully that will end up alright.

    We'll be alright as a franchise. All teams go up and down, and we're due for some good years. It's very difficult to get the right players, coaches, and managers together to make a successful team, but I have good confidence that we're headed in the right direction.
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    Cook is a very solid receiving TE. But he's not what a team needs when they're looking to get more physical in the trenches.

    This is one of many reasons that I think Webster will be a good GM. He isn't just throwing money at good players. He's signing players that fit the system that they want and forming a team that actually has an identity.

    Think about it. What were trying to do on offense last year? What about defense?

    Getting back to the story, this is a good franchise. We've been down the last few years, but every franchise goes through stages like that. We just need to get back to what made us so successful back in the early years of Adelphia Colliseum...being a physically dominate team.
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