Stanley Kubrick

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    Clockwork Orange is the 70s in a nutshell - that is it is as Gunny stated all F'ed up - lol

    2001 is one of the best movies ever. Cryin' shame it was made just before digital effects were common. The SE were freakin awsome for a film of its era. Then there is the ending. I have read the book, a couple of times. Seen the movie numerous times. Even seen the barely watchable sequel 2010. The ending is indecipherable

    Dr. Strangelove has one of the gratest lines ever:

    Maj. T.J. "King" Kong: "Survival kit contents check. In them you'll find: one .45 caliber automatic; two boxes of ammunition; four days concentrated emergency rations; one drug issue containing: antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills; one miniature combination Russian phrase book and bible; one hundred dollars in rubles; one hundred dollars in gold; nine packs of chewing gum; one issue of prophylactics; three lipsticks; three pair a nylon stockings. Shoot, a fellah could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

    In summary Kubrick=Good
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