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    If the lions weren't such idiots, they would roll back the crazy amount of throws in that offense and learn to run the ball more. Reggie bush ain't gonna fix that tho. He's a third down back with catching ability, not much more. Instead they keep stafford throwing 40 times a game hoping C.Johnson makes some huge plays.

    IF they ran a more time possession style offense and run game, keeping stafford in a low variance offense, it would greatly help the kid. He has bad technique and also pretty much a china doll at this point... But he can throw.... Just needs to have the mark Sanchez treatment. Not that he is mark Sanchez bad... But he would excel in those types of team formats. Even the best passers in this league need some sort of ground and pound... They ain't even trying in Detroit.
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    HE WAS EVEN BLIND. Average qb is pushing it. DAH BEARS D.