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    I completely forgot he was on the team
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    I just hope he plays MUCH better when he is back!! The guy hits hard; but man was he a whiff MACHINE in that Oakland game. If he can come in & play well in the box; it would really free up Byard to be the play maker he is.....

    Byard is going to be special. The kid is killing it...... Not only is he a solid tackler and pass defender; now he is making the plays on the ball we knew he could make. I am really looking forward to watching him this year. He is the bright spot on this team right now IMO. Last year he was really good in run support. Now he is putting it all together. If he keeps playing the way he is; it will be an injustice if he does not make the Pro Bowl. He is our secondary at the moment.

    Byard is playing very well. If Jackson can keep showing improvement; our secondary may actually look like a real secondary next year. Jackson has had some bad plays. However, he has looked good in coverage at times too. He is making rookie mistakes as expected; but after he gets a year in the system I think he is going to be a solid starter. We still need another starting CB to really get there. However, I could see the secondary being much better if we had a pass rush. Sure, there are still issues. We play too far off WRs too often. However, if we can get a solid pass rush; and another solid CB our defense could really step up.

    Anyway it goes, we really need to invest heavily in the defense; next off season.