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  1. The Don

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    From the SI article:

    "Jeff Fisher's team was outmanned much of last season, but he has more to work with now. Offensive coordinator Norm Chow has a year under his belt, and his players should have a better understanding of the system."

    Now, to ask what may be perceived as a stupid question ...

    What is Chow's system?
  2. Titanpride

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    MLB is a position that the Titans' can afford to start a rookie with side-2-side abilities. I'm assuming he would not take on the task of calling the defensive scheme though.
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    I don't even think I put that in spanish right...Jeeze I've only had spanish for 2 years.....but my school won't offer spanish anymore...So Donde es mis pantalones sounds good to me....:))
  5. GoT

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    kinda the Titan FA effect in reverse.

    Titan pro bowl talent, without the probowls, hit FA and when they sign with an east coast team they are annointed as saviors of the ratbirds and SB parties are planned. When top level FA talent lands in Nashville all of a sudden they become second or third tier talent.

    Small Market team gets shafted by the big coastal media again.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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