Something has to give on Sunday in Buffalo

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    The Titans are ranked 32ndin the NFL in rushing offense. The Bills are ranked 32ndin the league in rushing defense. On Sunday in Buffalo, something has to give.

    Running back Chris Johnson said it’s a game the Titans could have some success running the football, if they execute. He’s coming off a 91-yard game against the Steelers, and said the unit is building confidence: “I think the main thing is we’ve shown ourselves we can do it.”

    Still, it’s been hit or miss for the Titans this season. Johnson ran for a season-best 141 yards against the Texans on Sept. 30, and he ran the ball well against the Steelers. But in four of the six games he’s managed less than 25 yards.

    Bills coach Chan Gailey said he’s concerned about defending Johnson, however. He has two good reasons, starting with the fact the Bills have allowed 173.5 yards a game on the ground. Johnson has eclipsed the 100-yard mark in his two previous games against the Bills, including last season.

    “He scares you to death because you know what he is capable of,” Gailey said. “He still has electric speed, electric quickness and he scares you all the time. That is one of the main focuses for us this week, trying to stop the run.”

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    Nice words Chan Gailey. Lull those Titans into believing they are a great running team
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