Someone gave me a 1st Generation iMac... What can I do with it?

Discussion in 'Gear' started by World Peace, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Lots of places won't even take a computer that old.
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    Pretty much any Mac released before 2006 is obsolete and inferior technology now.

    For one, it's always going to be a Windows/PC world so if you can't boot Windows on your Mac (most made before 2005, probably can't) then you'll eventually miss out on a program you want.

    Two, every new Mac program requires an Intel processor now.

    If you're just trying to learn the basics of a Mac, that will do, but I'd keep it offline.

    Otherwise, I'd suggest trying your luck selling it on Craigslist or maybe even eBay. Might get a few bucks for it. Then depending on what you plan on doing, the oldest/cheapest Mac you can get is a iMac G5. Just make sure it has an INTEL chip with at least 2.0ghz;

    I didn't a few months ago. :ha: (Always look for the built in iSight cam. 9 times out of 10, this has an Intel processor)

    If you don't care about loading newer programs anytime soon, just make sure you get one with OSX on it. (It's called "Leopard") Just know it's kind of hard to do anything with it at times. Even finding compatible programs can be a crapshoot to locate.
Thread Status:
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