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    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Some takeaways from yours truly and columnist David Climer after the Titans defeated the Jaguars 20-16 on Sunday at EverBank Field:


    Turnover time. When safety George Wilson picked off Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne in the closing seconds, it marked the first turnover forced by the Titans in the past three games. It also meant the Titans broke even in the turnover department, as quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick had thrown an interception earlier. The Titans have risen and fallen with the turnover ratio: they’re 4-1 when winning the turnover battle, 2-2 when even and 0-6 when losing it.

    Quiet returns. Wide receivers Justin Hunter and Damian Williams returned to action following their suspension last week for a rules violation, but they weren’t featured players. Hunter, who’d posted more than 100 yards in two of his previous three games, was targeted just once by Ryan Fitzpatrick on Sunday, and the pass fell incomplete. Williams hardly got on the field and was not targeted, but that wasn’t too surprising. He’d missed four weeks with a hip injury before the suspension.

    Draft determination. Unofficially, the win means the Titans won’t do any better than the ninth overall pick of the first round this year. The exact pick won’t be determined until next week. There are still a number of teams – including the Titans — that could wind up 6-10 or 7-9. The NFL breaks ties by using strength of schedule. A team that has had an easier strength of schedule gets the better pick in those situations.


    Re-sign Pollard. He is not always in perfect position in pass coverage, and those penalties and fines have piled up, but the Titans have gotten quite a bit of bang for their bucks out of safety Bernard Pollard and his one-year, $2 million contract. He is an outspoken leader of the defense and is one of the biggest reasons for the improvement on that side of the ball. The Titans should do what is necessary to bring him back in 2014.

    Use the fullback. It did not go unnoticed that the Titans did some of their best running of the season when fullback Quinn Johnson was in the game. At 6-foot-1 and 255 pounds, Johnson is the quintessential lead blocker, and Shonn Greene and Chris Johnson benefitted from his work. He may not be the second coming of Lorenzo Neal, but Johnson left a mark on the Jaguars defense. Look for him to get similar action next Sunday.

    Improvement needed. The Titans must figure out what they have at linebacker. It was expected to be one of the team’s strengths, especially on the outside, where Akeem Ayers (second-round pick, 2011) and Zach Brown (second round, 2012) were coming off strong performances last season. Against the Jaguars, Brown did not start but was credited with four tackles. Ayers had two. You simply have to get stronger play out of high draft picks.

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  2. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    Climer hit three nails on the head there
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  3. Dman

    Dman Starter


    except for two important positions, head coach and QB.
  4. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    As much as I like Mooney, QJ is the better FB and should keep the job moving forward... CM is a RB and it shows, whereas QJ is a true FB.
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  5. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    QJ sucks

    notice he was totally available after the Titans cut his useless arse a few months ago.

    The worst part of this is QJ will get too clown his useless arse thru another Titan offseason and TC before he gets cut again.

    Not that CM is good, but hes better in every way than that useless QJ
    'Weighted Career AV (100-95-...): 0 (14969th overall since 1950)'

    yep thats right PFR has him rated in the top 15 thousand pro football players since 1950 - barely

    CM is rated the same, but IMO hes not nearly the bag of suck that QJ is
  6. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    We have been half assing it at FB ever since they dumped Larenzo Neal.
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  7. dtm586

    dtm586 Starter

    I would like to see them upgrade the FB position in the off season. Most likely FA or trade for a veteran probably not worth a draft pick. Its not a sexy role to fill and most teams doing away with them all together in favor of 2 tight ends or what not but since the Titans still are
    10 years behind on the times and still rather be a "running team" then you miswell feature a FB.
  8. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    I've spent most of the last 25 years with this franchise wanting a better FB. Heck, for the first 8 or 9 of those years we did not bother with an FB. Between the run and shoot and the two TE offense.
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